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March 20, 2023

Ep.1273: What Can David, a Battlefront and Cheese Teach Us?

Learning the mindset and life focus of being always ready to serve God

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How is God's role that of deliverance for us?

How should we act on our Christian priorities?

What are five points to living a stronger Christian life?

Theme Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:17-18

It’s not too often that those who are young adults rise up to be the heroes of the day. Usually they are in the "figuring life out" stage, but occasionally there comes a young adult who is living far beyond that perplexity. David, who would become known as "a man after God’s own heart," was such a young man. This designation would be made apparent when he visited the battlefront to bring food to his brothers and ended up defeating Goliath. Now, the story of his battle with Goliath is well-known, but the events leading up to that battle? Well, they deserve our attention. Focusing on what David already believed and thought - and what he said and did as a result - will reveal Five Points to a Stronger Christian Life for us. Why not learn how to be more focused on God’s will from a man after God’s own heart?

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Literally, a big problem

The armies of Israel stood ready to fight the armies of the Philistines, but they had a really big problem. His name was Goliath. He was a menacing presence, a literal giant of a man standing about nine feet tall. Every day he would stand in the valley between the two armies and put out a challenge for Israel to send their best warrior to fight him to the death. It was a winner-take-all proposition. Goliath’s brash challenge was repeated day after day for 40 days. King Saul and his men stood paralyzed! How could anyone expect to be victorious over such an overwhelmingly imposing figure?

Food delivery!

David, the teenage shepherd from Bethlehem, shows up to deliver food to his three brothers and cheese to their commander. He hears the brash challenge from Goliath, immediately questions what is happening and volunteers to fight the giant. David goes before King Saul, rejects the king's offer to use his own royal armor and boldly goes down into the valley to meet Goliath for this epic battle.

Wait a minute! Why would any king ever agree to sending a teenage shepherd boy with zero military training or experience to fight a seasoned warrior in a winner-take-all battle? The answer here is deep and compelling. The bottom line wasn’t about sending a boy to do the job of an experienced and powerful man. Instead, it was all about sending the right person to meet and defeat an enormous challenge. David was that right person.

Check out our March 20, 2013 podcast, “What Can David, a Battlefront and Cheese Teach Us?” for more. We dive into why David was the right person for this overwhelming task. We look at who he had been during his short life before this challenge presented itself. We breakdown what drove him, why it drove him and how he was able to keep fear from burying him. These lessons ring loudly in our ears. Join us for this inspiring conversation with our special guest Matt Kerry, as we learn from and apply the power of David’s character to our daily lives.


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