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CQ Kids

VIDEO: What is Reverence?

It might not be a word we use every day, but it certainly applies to what we should feel regarding our Heavenly Father.
CQ Kids Episode #1224

VIDEO: What Was the Jewish Tabernacle?

What do a candlestick, incense altar, and table of shewbread all have in common? They are pieces of furniture within the Jewish Tabernacle. But what were they for, and what was the purpose of this holy structure?
CQ Kids Episode #1215

VIDEO: What’s Wrong With Complaining?

It's all too easy to fall into the trap of grumbling and murmuring when things don't go our way. Is this how God wants us to behave? Spoiler alert: NOPE!
CQ Kids Episode #1139

VIDEO: What Makes a Good Christian Leader?

We are so fortunate that the Bible shows us so many good examples of what it means to be a good leader - like Joshua, Esther and Paul!
CQ Kids Episode #1113

VIDEO: Who Was Joshua?

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