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Ep.1158: Has My Christianity Been Compromised?

Where and when compromises should be avoided or accepted

Has My Christianity Been Compromised?

Theme Scripture: Joshua 24:15


Compromise can be so misunderstood. On one hand, we as Christians should be standing for and living a compromise-free life. Nothing should ever water down our life principles of sacrifice. Walking steadfastly in Jesus’ footsteps must always be our immovable goal. On the other hand, there are times and places when compromise is not only an option but a necessary and spiritually-based choice of righteousness. Because we are all imperfect we will inevitably come across circumstances where it is not a lowering of our standards, but a raising of them. How then do we tell the difference? What makes some compromises good and others just plain wrong?

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To differentiate good and bad compromise, we need to understand two fundamental questions:

  1. What are we compromising about? This is a broad area, and we need to be alert. The general bottom line is our compromises can include a myriad of subjects but must never go down one particular road. That road is the compromise of godly principles. These are NEVER up for grabs! This might sound like am easy issue, but we need to be careful. It is far too easy to confuse those things that are solid godly principles with those things that are personal preferences. Sometimes we want something to rise to the level of principle that simply does not belong there. Fortunately, there are many Scriptures that help us see the difference.
  2. Who are we compromising with? Let’s be clear, this is not going to be a clear night and day answer, except for one detail. As Christians, we should be reasonable and willing to engage in give and take with people from all walks of life.  The one exception is making a deal with the devil.  While this sounds like an obvious thing to avoid, it is far more subtle that we might think.

Moses is a great example of how to manage this. When he was preparing to lead the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt he was following God’s direction. He took his specific instructions and appeared before the mighty Pharaoh of Egypt several times. When we observe what took place in those interchanges, we learn several profound lessons regarding appropriate compromise. This may have looked like a classic power struggle. It was really a process that revealed the mighty Pharaoh’s lying, deceit and weakness. It also revealed the importance of NOT compromising when godly principles are at stake.

Check out our December 28, 2020 podcast, “Has My Christianity Been Compromised?” for more. We examine how to avoid the entrapment of making deals with the devil. We describe the danger of falling into four specific traps, the fist of which is being an Incognito Christian. Just as important, we list many compromises that are not only acceptable, but spiritually healthy to make. Don’t miss this opportunity to lay out the whole concept of compromise and understand when to proceed and when to run!

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