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September 11, 2023

Ep.1298: Who is God? (Part II)

Honoring God’s name, and how He was described in the Old Testament

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Why is God called Jehovah Sabaoth?

How is God our shepherd and the God of peace?

Psalm 18 describes God in what ten ways in only two verses?

Theme Scripture: Genesis 1:1

So many people believe God is a man-made myth. They see Him as a figment of the imagination of religious zealots who desperately seek some kind of higher power. When you look at mythological gods or the gods of some religious factions, you can certainly see the reasoning for that point. However, when we look at the God of the Bible, it has to be an entirely different story. What other book, what other belief system, gives you such a detailed and specific approach to knowing who God is the way the Bible does? In Part I of our series, we focused on God’s introduction to the world of humanity in Genesis chapters 1 and 2. We then focused on how God revealed Himself to Abraham. As we begin this second part of our series, we recap how God has been revealed through creation and Abraham. This sets the stage for the next steps of seeing who God is.

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His personal name revealed for the first time.

In Part II, our next focus is on how God revealed Himself to Moses. If you recall, Moses had been exiled from Egypt and had spent 40 years away from that country. He was drawn to know who God is, so he climbed up Mount Horeb. God presented Himself to Moses through an angel and a bush that burned but was not consumed. While it was here God told Moses of the task to deliver His people out from slavery in Egypt, there was an even bigger message to be given. It was the revealment of God’s name.

Moses was being assigned a task that was clearly over his head and needed dramatic assurance of how it could even be accomplished. God responded by describing Himself as, “I Am that I Am.” He is the Self-Existing one, the God above all who was, is and always will be. He would deliver the enslaved Hebrews, and Moses would be His representative. The lessons for us here are many if we are seeking to serve God. Are we positioned to do what He would have us do? Do we realize the might and power of His very nature, His wisdom, and His plans?

To know the name of God is to know a solemn and reverent truth.

To watch the power of God unfold before you and through you is another matter entirely. This is what Moses experienced. God’s power and plan freed the Hebrews from their generational slavery in Egypt. As they were being led out of that nightmarish captivity, God was declared to have yet another description added to His name. He, the Self-Existing One was now the Lord of all the millions who were being freed. He would become known as the "Lord of hosts," or Jehovah Sabaoth.

As dramatic as all of this is, it only scratches the surface of understanding God. Check out our September 11, 2023 podcast, “Who Is God? (Part II)” for more. We take the discoveries of Part I and use them as a foundation to reach towards an ever-higher understanding of God in Part II. There is SO much to learn! Join us for this ever-expanding discovery into the magnitude of our mighty God!



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