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VIDEO: CQ Kids – How Can We Praise God?

“To praise” means to express warm admiration. It’s always appropriate to praise our Heavenly Father! There are many ways to show Him our appreciation for everything He does for us. Singing hymns is also a wonderful way to praise and honor God. Hymns are like prayers set to music. We can praise God by studying the Bible and learning more about Him and His son, Jesus...

So, Do You Think You’re Holy?

Did you ever stop and wonder what Christianity, in its truest sense, looks like? Is Christianity about getting or giving? Is it about living just like everyone else, or is it about living to a higher standard? Is it about the incessant chatter of everyday life or is it about a life-changing message? Is Christianity about learning to accept yourself as you are, or is it about offering who you are to God to become what he wants you to be? These are questions that can be answered if we understand how holiness fits into the picture. Stay with us as we look at our Christianity and what role "holiness" plays in it.

How Do We Become Wholly Holy?

Last week we talked about the idea of trusting in God and how the founding fathers of this nation did so as they laid the groundwork for “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” After that VERY lively conversation, we thought it would make sense to build upon the theme, but this time in a personal way. While it is great to talk about a society having trust in God, what about us as individuals? How do we really, truly and sincerely, show our personal trust in God? What should we be doing? How should we be thinking? Individual trust in God ends up being a matter of holiness. The more you truly trust, the holier you become. Stay with us as we look into the keys of this trust and ask the difficult question, How do we become wholly holy?