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Ep.1013: Are Your Treasures Really Worth Treasuring?

Learning to identify and cherish things of true lasting value

Are Your Treasures Really Worth Treasuring?

Theme Scripture: Luke 12:34


Think about your life for a moment. Think about those things, people, places, experiences and memories that are most precious to you. The few thoughts that top this list are in all likelihood some of your greatest treasures. Now, think again about your life for another moment. Think about the things, people, places, experiences and memories that you obsess about – the images that you replay again and again in your mind that go ‘round and ‘round on that insatiable loop of conditioned and driven brain activity. The obsessions that top this list are in all likelihood your treasures as well. Kinda disturbing, isn’t it. So, what do we do about it? How do we learn to isolate and diminish those things which we cherish but hurt us? How do we instead focus on and appreciate those items that bring true honor, blessing and joy?

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So, what makes something a treasure? The most valued things in life have three basic characteristics: First they are in some way attractive. They draw our attention because of how they look or feel or sound, or because of what they do or how they make us feel. The second feature of our treasures is that they represent personal value. They mean something special or are worth something of personal significance. They fill a void, create a distraction, stimulate a thought or stir a memory. Lastly they represent a measurement of wealth. They command time or attention or space or concern.

What is most valuable to us, by definition, also holds power over our lives. We build our thinking, our emotions, our physical space and our time around that which we deem valuable. You might be thinking, “I hate my job, but I have to spend half of all my waking time there!” The very next question might be, where do your thoughts wander to during your job? What do you do after your job? Our truest fortunes are found in the places our minds gravitate to. For many of us this might be depressing, as it is easy to find ourselves lost in compromising and even unhealthy mental mazes. As uncomfortable as this might be to acknowledge, it is a necessary exercise if we are to honestly audit our personal treasures to see their true value.

Many agree that the most precious thing in life is time. If our treasures can either enhance or detract from using our time, we should know that. It would make sense to invest a measured amount of it into knowing what is valuable and what is not. Check out our March 19, 2018 podcast, “Are Your Treasures Really Worth Treasuring?” and start the process. Learn the differences between things we deem valuable that we obsess over and cherished things passionately protected. Gain perspective on how personal achievements can be a sought for gold medal or can end up as fool’s gold for the trash heap. Finally, observe how the little cherished aspects of daily life can end up being the most valued possessions of our lives.

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