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March 12, 2018

Ep.1012: Are God and Evil Meant to Coexist?

Understanding the eternal relationship between God and evil

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Does God let evil run wild and rule the earth?

How has God's plan subverted evil since the Flood?

The subversion of evil is a growing process. Now what?

With Jesus as the final puzzle piece, how does it end?

Theme Scripture: Isaiah 5:20

For most of us it’s simple. God is good, Satan is evil. They fight and God wins. God destroys Satan and all evil with him. It is simple and reassuring until we think a little more deeply about it. Where did evil actually come from? If God created all things then He must have created evil – why would He do that? If God wins the battle between good and evil and then destroys it, would He be destroying one of His creations? If God truly is stronger than evil then we need to ask if God is even paying attention because one look around our world and it is obvious that evil is handily winning. So, are God and evil really a compatible pair – opposites that need each other to exist? Could God ever truly destroy it or is the destiny of our world and our universe to be subject to both God and evil? Why hasn't God destroyed evil?

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While the philosophical approaches to these questions can be endless, let’s begin with a clear foundational statement that I believe sets the tone for reason. For any creature to have the ability of conscious thought and choice over mere instinct, the presence of the principle of evil must exist. Let’s look at two different examples of this thought. Start by looking at the biblical account of the first human beings. God clearly set this foundation of choice and the principle of evil in Eden. He placed “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” in the garden before Adam and Eve were even created. Their instructions were specific about not eating of that particular tree. God literally planted the principle of evil before them as a test of their obedience.

We know Satan was involved in the failure of that test and he is our second example. He, all by himself, was and is the prototype of conscious thought and choice going down a path of darkness – away from good and away from God. While we do not have any record of any tree planted by God for his testing and benefit, we do know that he was drawn to power. Now, power in and of itself is not necessarily bad, but power used to usurp authority not your own is all wrong. Our conclusion here is that the principle of evil has always existed as a mere principle, and as such has not been corrupting. The devastation begins once that principle is put into practice. Just look around and the results are obvious.

Check out our March 12, 2018 podcast, “Are God and Evil Meant to Coexist?” See for yourself how and why evil went from mere principle to common practice. Observe the pathway that evil takes as it continues to grow, develop and wreak havoc on our world. Better yet, absorb the intricate and long-term plan that God has always had in place for the purpose of utterly defeating Satan and the evil of his regime. This podcast can truly put to rest the nagging question of the role that evil plays in God’s just and merciful design and his marked destiny for the human race.


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5 replies
    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Thank you for posting. We do have a different opinion, so hopefully you have a chance to listen to this podcast to see what you think after you have heard it. Lord bless! – Christian Questions

  1. publius
    publius says:

    God is not real. And if he was, how can you stand by supporting his killing of THOUSANDS of people (many of which were innocent), he openly supported slavery, and even went as far to say that you should be killed if you worked on sunday.

  2. marissa
    marissa says:

    i ask the same question to God everyday… why does HE allow evil to win.. how come HE takes good people and left evil to Detroy HIS creation.. allowing Evil to prosper ,,


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