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September 02, 2015

Ep.882: So, Why Hasn’t God Destroyed Evil?

Why God permits evil and how He will end it

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Why didn't God get rid of evil in the first place?

How is man's downward spiral a good thing?

What about God's promises to mankind?

If the price has been paid, why does evil still dominate our world?

How does it all look when the sin and evil part is over?

Theme Scripture: Isaiah 5:18-19

We believe in God. He is the Almighty Creator. But if you look around, what do you see? Watch the news and you will not only get depressed but probably scared as well. Here in our country, several Christians were gunned down while at a Bible study. A local sheriff was murdered while putting gas in his car, and a nine-year old girl was killed by a stray bullet in her home while doing her homework. In the Middle East people are slaughtered by the hundreds and thousands because of their religion or sexual orientation. So, what is wrong with this picture? Where is God’s almighty power? Is He even paying attention?

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There are four possibilities:

  1. God is NOT able to stop evil and does not care to.
  2. God is NOT able to stop evil, though He would stop it if He could.
  3. God IS able to stop evil, but He does not want to.
  4. God IS able to stop evil and eventually will absolutely stop it.

We are certain the correct answer is #4.  This important podcast systematically looks at how evil came to be and why it is being permitted for so long and most importantly, why we know it will be stopped. Mankind of every generation and culture is getting an unforgettable, firsthand experience with sin and death. But why? What good can come of this? Listen to this important podcast to scripturally answer these age-old questions.


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