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Ep.872: Is Forgiveness Really Necessary?

The Charleston, South Carolina shooting...and forgiveness

Is Forgiveness Really Necessary?

Theme Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:15


We all know that Jesus taught us to forgive. If your brother trespasses against you seven times in a day, Jesus says to forgive. Okay, while this may be difficult, we can see its value and strive to live up to that standard. But, but what about when someone commits a horrible crime – what about when someone guns down in cold blood, innocent God fearing people in church – at a Bible study? Is the same lesson of forgiveness relevant? Do the teachings of Jesus include forgiving those who are simply and purely evil in their actions? Do we HAVE to forgive others? How can we move through a place of anger and start to heal? For audio, video and articles on Relief from Grief:  ChristianQuestions.com/grief

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