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June 21, 2015

Ep.871: How Does God Speak to Us Here and Now? (Part I)

A Gospel view on dreams and visions as God's tools

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How many biblical Christians did God speak to through dreams?

How are we told that God will speak to Christians?

Are dreams an expected method of communication from God to Christianity? No! Why?

Are personal visions a biblical method for God to communicate with us here and now?

What about our theme text? It says dreams and visions!

Theme Scripture: Acts 2:17

It is a pretty simple equation: You love God, you pray to Him, obey Him and serve Him and in return we as humans look for some kind of indication of His love and acceptance. We want to – we need to - hear from God in some way or other. So, how does He speak to us today in the 21st century? Is it through our dreams? Do we have visions? Is it through experiences? How about communicating through other people? Does God speak to us through His ancient word, the Bible? All of the above? Some of the above? Be sure to check out Part 2 for more.

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