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Ep.870: Why Cornelius? Why a Soldier? (Part II)

The conversion of the first Gentile Christian

Why Cornelius?  Why a Soldier? (Part II)

Theme Scripture: Acts 10:22


A few weeks ago in Episode 855 Part 1, we began to tell the story of the dramatic events that led up to the conversion of the Centurion Cornelius to Christianity. Because the expansion of Christianity to Gentiles was such a radical shift in God’s methods, radical measures had to be taken! Today we will finish the story and see how its conclusion would change the history of Christian faith by the inclusion of you and me!

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  1. Love your programs. Keep up the good work, the world needs Jesus ore than ever now.Hellfire is real. Rejecting Jesus is a dangerous position to be in.I respect your work and commitment to the masses.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement and for being a listener. We just finished the first in what will be a 3-part series reviewing every single Scripture in the New Testament that could possibly imply a hellfire scenario. Please refer to “Do the Fires of Hell Come From God (Part I)” from June 7, 2015 for the first one discussing each of the seven times “weeping and gnashing of teeth” appears in the N.T. After careful, methodical study we believe there are definite consequences to our actions but the result of final judgment is not an eternal torture. Study along with us and let us know know what you think! Thank you again for writing. – Christian Questions

  2. My true brothers from whom I have learned many good things in the scriptures and who quote from wise men, here is a quote: “The more you say, the less people remember. The fewer the words, the greater the profit.” Francois Fenelon. Again, “Brevity never fatigues; therefore brevity is always welcome.” Pierre Gautier. How many people have two hours on a Sunday morning to sit by a radio listening through tedious sound bites, telephone calls, newscast, commercials, reviews of what has been said in the first hour, etc., waiting for you to make your point? I have to use the local library computer to hear your second hour where this time I discovered that I must wait more than a week to finish learning “Why Cornelius?” And where is “Why a Soldier?” I must have missed it. You spend much more time talking of Peter than you do the Roman. Perhaps you should retitle this four hour, two-trips to the library talk. Perhaps many more men such as I would listen in to the good things you are teaching if you would just learn brevity. R.S.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you are not happy with our 2-hour call in format. Unfortunately the news and commercials are things beyond our control. May we recommend that you listen to our archived programs and have the CQ Rewind tool in front of you so that you can follow along in the dialogue without as many interruptions. (All of the commercial breaks are edited from the archived audio making the total listening time about 1.5 hours.) We do try to thoroughly cover each subject using Scripture and sometimes that requires a more more time to try to find deeper meanings. Between the two Cornelius programs, we did try to cover both perspectives of Peter and Cornelius, along with commentary about what characteristics of being a prominent solider made Cornelius the perfect candidate for this assignment. Thank you again for your comments and we hope you were able to find some blessing out of the two-part series for your investment in time studying God’s word with us. – Christian Questions

  3. The conversion made by cristin organisation to the other faith is harmful .If the jesus forgives all our sins than why the malfic rate of our society increases. The nastradamus predictions clearly says that the Christianity and the infidels (Muslim) will get punished and destroyed by the arrival of 3rd antichrist. The way of life is very important then God faith,whare the cristinianity nations last it same. Missing of family concept is the cause of future war.


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