Home Doctrine Do the Fires of Hell Come From God? (Part I)

Ep.869: Do the Fires of Hell Come From God? (Part I)

Defining "weeping and gnashing of teeth"

Do the Fires of Hell Come From God? (Part I)

Theme Scripture: Acts 3:23


Christianity is all about salvation in Christ Jesus, but it is also about judgment and accountability for wrongdoing. All Christians believe that Jesus clearly addressed both the salvation and judgment, but we are widely divided on what he meant by his words. Did Jesus teach that all who do not accept him are doomed to eternity in the ravaging and torturous fires of an ever-burning hell or did Jesus teach that the ultimate consequence for those who do not either now or later accept him is eternal death? Certain phrases like "weeping and gnashing of teeth" and "outer darkness" imply something terrible is waiting for those who sin in this lifetime. This 3-part series takes a look at difficult texts and puts them into their proper context. Click here for Episode 876 Part 2 and Episode 881 Part 3.

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  1. What kind of garbage would the Israelites have to burn in Gehenna in Jesus’ day? Used Paper products, food containers, plastic or glass refuse, fast food packaging, grass clippings… all that is pertinent to our trashy era!

    1. Old cloth, food waste, the bodies of dead animals, and the destitute that could not afford a burial plot, IF I remember my Early Israel course right…

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