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July 26, 2015

Ep.876: Do the Fires of Hell Come From God? (Part II)

Defining "Gehenna" - place of torment or destruction?

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What does the word Gehenna mean?

Was Gehenna meant to be a symbol of torture or godless destruction?

What did Jesus say about Gehenna?

Did Jesus use the Gehenna imagery with anyone else besides his followers?

Does Gehenna appear anywhere else in the New Testament?

Theme Scripture: Acts 3:23

Several weeks ago we began to talk about the destiny of sinners as described in the Bible. In Part I of our series, we looked at the biblical phrase “weeping and gnashing of teeth” - who it applied to and when. We found out that it really has nothing at all to do with any kind of eternal punishment. In Part II, we look at an even more pointed biblical phrase – “Hellfire.” Where does it come from, how is it used and is it referring to eternal torment and torture? Stay with us!

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