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November 27, 2023

Ep.1309: What is the Biblical Process to Become Perfect? (Part I – The Church)

What being a perfect Christian means and how to make it happen

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As disciples of Christ, how are we perfected?

Does it mean we aren't mature Christians if we get overwhelmed by trials and challenges?

How is our discipleship integrated with other believers into the full body of Christ?

Theme Scripture: Isaiah 11:9

God has an amazing plan that includes every human being who has ever lived. Rather than torturing billions for eternity in a fiery hell, this plan will give all of humanity a legitimate opportunity to be taught how to live in a godly and righteous way. We’re saying God’s plan gives EVERYONE an opportunity to become perfect in His sight. Now, if you look around at the condition of our world, it’s really easy to roll your eyes and think with all that’s happening, this plan of God’s is pretty lame! Well, it does look that way, but the reality is that this plan works in specific stages. There is a perfecting work happening right now, but it’s NOT focused on everyone. Our three-part series will walk through how and when Christians, non-Christians and all who have ever lived will have an opportunity for perfection.

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When we think of somebody being “perfect” what do we picture in our minds? Likely we imagine someone whose physical appearance is flawless, and health is exemplary. Their mind would be sharp, intuitive and brilliant and their voice would be strong and melodious. They would be creative, personable, passionate, and they would be a superb leader. All in all, this is a tall order! We might imagine Jesus fitting such a description, but it would certainly be beyond any of the rest of us.

What is perfection?

In the book of Matthew, Jesus was teaching about God’s graciousness of sending rain and sun upon both evil and good people. He then tells his disciples to "be perfect," just like their Father in heaven is perfect. How can this even be possible? Perfection in the New Testament can be a tricky thing. First, there are several Greek words translated into our English Bibles as “perfect.” Second, none of them mean what our original description implied. The bottom line is these words all point to becoming complete. This can mean being complete in thought or words, actions or example.

Perfect or perfected?

Even though Jesus was perfect, the Bible tells us he had to be “perfected” by way of suffering and experience. The same principle applies to any true disciple of Jesus. We are given the perfect gifts of justification through the blood of Jesus and God’s holy spirit. Having these things, we are also told to strive to be “perfect” - to be complete - as Christians. What does this really mean?

Check out our November 27, 2023 podcast, “What is the Biblical Process to Become Perfect? (Part I - The Church)” for more. We examine how we can actually spiritually grow into the “perfection” the Bible expects of us. We define the kinds of completeness, maturity and equipping that the New Testament focuses us towards accomplishing. Finally, we also lay the groundwork for examining how God’s plan actually contains a detailed perfecting process for nonbelievers as well. Join us for Part I of this 3-part series as we uncover biblical truths about Christian life, growth and perfection!



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