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December 04, 2023

Ep.1310: What is the Biblical Process to Become Perfect? (Part II – Mankind)

The perfecting of all the faithful before Jesus and of non-believers

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What happens to humanity when they are resurrected?

How does God's plan allow for humanity to have an opportunity for perfection?

How do the faithful followers of Christ help humanity in the kingdom?

Theme Scripture: Isaiah 11:9

In Part I of our series, we focused on how the New Testament describes "perfection." We found that Jesus, though perfect, had to be further "perfected" - further completed - by his personal experiences and sufferings in order to fully pay the ransom price for Adam. Similarly, but on a much smaller scale, Jesus’ disciples have a perfect beginning as well. They are given forgiveness for their sins, they are given God’s holy spirit, and they are called "sons of God." With these perfect gifts, they also need to be "perfected' - to be completed - in maturity in Christ. This present-day perfecting work is clearly defined in Scripture. So, what about everybody else? Does the Bible show a perfecting work for them? It does! Today we will look at another biblical perfecting process that is not as well-defined and is also a future work instead of being a present work.

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Jesus saves. Is it that simple?

Belief in the opportunity for all nonbelievers to have a future opportunity at being perfected to an earthly life is not common among Christians. The more common belief is that accepting Jesus now is the only way to be saved. However, many scriptures plainly tell us that God’s justice-based approach to humanity leaves a door of opportunity wide open. 1 Corinthians 15:22 is one of the most basic examples, “For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive.” This equation simply says that Adam brought sin and death to everyone, and Jesus took away what Adam brought. Justice is satisfied. Jesus returns things to their original state of equilibrium.

What about Judgment Day?

While this sounds easy, it likely provokes some really good questions. What does this canceling of Adam’s sin mean in a practical sense? Is this an invitation to heaven? What about the Day of Judgment? First and foremost, this is NOT a heavenly invitation for those who are not called to follow Jesus. It IS an invitation to the life that Adam had an opportunity for - perfect human life. Notice we have described it as an invitation and an opportunity. This means that each and every human being will have a say in the matter. This is where Judgment Day comes into play, since its function according to Scripture is to be a time of testing. This 1,000-year time period will be a time of trial so each resurrected human can earn life through learning righteousness.

All of this is in place for the purpose of perfecting the entire human race into a godly, righteous and loyal family. When you look around our world today, this looks impossible and even ridiculous. Check out our December 4, 2023 podcast, “What is the Biblical Process to Become Perfect? (Part II)” for answers. We dig deeply into Scripture and discover just how God has this massive and complex process of perfecting humankind already in order. These scriptures show us a depth to God’s plan that often goes unnoticed. Don’t miss it!


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