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Ep.934: Will Sinners Be Happy on Judgment Day?

Understanding the events and purposes of Judgment Day

Will Sinners Be Happy on Judgment Day?

Theme Scripture: 2 Peter 3:7


Judgment Day! The very words strike fear into the hearts of many believers across the borders of many religions. After all, this world obviously does not dole out any form of true justice to its vast population, and whatever God you may believe in surely sees this and will soon balance those scales that are presently so skewed in their measure. Justice! For many believers there is a conviction that God’s justice will soon come to earth in the form of anger, wrath and fire and bring the result of a destruction never seen upon this planet!

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Judgment and Justice – are these images of mayhem and obliteration really what the Bible describes? Is this world in for a dark and miserable night of pain from the wrath of God from which there is no tomorrow or is there an entirely different meaning and result of Judgment Day?

What does the Bible REALLY say?

This is certainly not an easy topic to figure out, because God does have a lot in store for this broken world in which we live.  A simple way to find a starting point is this is to look up all of the Scriptures that use the phrase “Day of Judgment” and you will find a curious thing.  Not one of those texts refers to “Armageddon” or the “Time of Trouble” or to God’s destruction of the “heavens and the earth.”  Make no mistake, each of these actions and periods of time are part of the judgment of God and are part of the tearing down and destruction of the current sinful systems.

All of these things are part of the “End Times” and the “wrath of God,” but they are not the “Day of Judgment.”  All of these things refer to a total dismantling of our world’s spiritual controlling powers – Satan, fallen angels and the religious systems under their direction - and of the entire social fabric (and by the way, the earth does survive through this as the future habitable home of humanity), but they are not the “Day of Judgment.”  All of these things precede Judgment Day.

The actual Day of Judgment in the Bible is about people.

What people?  All people, excluding those who have already proven their unrelenting faithfulness to God and His Word.  It begins with a clear and specific event and has a clear and specific purpose - which incidentally is NOT to pronounce people guilty or innocent right there on the spot.  The purpose of Judgment Day is far more profound and far reaching than that!

Does all of this sound different, maybe a little odd or even crazy?  Well, see for yourself.  Check out our September 5th broadcast titled, “Will Sinners be Happy on Judgment Day?” and follow the thinking, the scriptural reasoning and the conclusions to see if they make sense to you.  We hope you will find a compelling argument for the profound love and mercy God had from the beginning built into His plan for the world of mankind.

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