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December 26, 2023

Ep.1313: How Do We Know Jesus Is the Promised Messiah? (Part II)

Matching MANY Old Testament Messiah prophecies with Jesus’ life

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What prophecies speak of the future glory of Jesus?

How do we know unrest and rebellion surrounds the return of Jesus?

How much did Jesus know about his own death and resurrection?

Theme Scripture: John 1:40-41

As Christians, when we think about Jesus and his reason for being born as a man, we’re always inspired by the selflessness of his sacrifice to redeem Adam and all of humanity from sin and death. This gift is truly beyond anything we deserve. When we think of the Messiah, we instinctively think of Jesus. In our last episode, we explored a Jewish perspective regarding their expectations of Messiah. What we found were several differences, but also several inspiring similarities. Today, we delve deeply into many Old Testament prophecies. We’ll focus in on the astounding detail with which they not only describe Jesus, but also provide all of humanity with the hope for a new life and the opportunity to live it forever. The bottom line? We’re blessed to have God’s amazing plan unfold through Jesus our Lord and Messiah.

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It's a rare word

The word messiah is only translated as “Messiah” twice in the Old Testament. As we discussed in Part I, this does NOT in any way minimize the importance of who the Messiah is and what he does. When we begin to explore the Old Testament prophecies that describe this chosen one, a startling fact emerges: This Messiah, this chosen one, is the primary subject of countless prophecies written by many God-inspired authors over thousands of years. Though rarely called out by name, he is THE central focus of God’s entire plan for humanity.

Prophecies begin in early Genesis, when God hands down the pronouncements for sin to Adam, Eve and Satan. The fact that the “seed of the woman” would crush the "head of the serpent" (Satan) begins the revealment of Messiah. In Exodus, Moses speaks of a prophet like him, whom the people are urged to listen to. These prophecies continue right through the entire Old Testament. They end in the last chapter of Malachai, the last book of the Old Testament.

Not only are there countless prophecies with incredible details all over the Bible, but they are interlocked in amazing ways. Because Messiah is described in so many different ways, we can research from prophetic writing to prophetic writing and author to author and trace even greater depths of meaning. Finding agreement in these various ways verifies the unity of Scripture and solidifies the inspiration of God’s Holy Word.

As good as all of this is, there's more!

Not only do we have prophecies verifying one another, but we also have them verifying Jesus as the one and only promised Messiah. Skeptics say Jesus could have scripted his experiences to fit what the prophecies said. I suppose that could be true with minor details here and there regarding his earthly life. But it is simply impossible for all of it to have been acted out. Check out our December 26, 2023 podcast, “How Do We Know Jesus is the Promised Messiah? (Part II)” for more. We detail several prophecies and bring them forward to show their unmistakable New Testament fulfillments. This is a scriptural conversation absolutely worth engaging in. Don’t miss it!



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