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December 18, 2023

Ep.1312: How Do We Know Jesus Is the Promised Messiah? (Part I)

Jewish skepticism and key Old Testament identifiers of the Messiah

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If not the Messiah, what were the people of the Old Testament expecting?

Why do some people think Jesus was not the Messiah?

How did Jesus clearly fulfill Old Testament prophecy?

Theme Scripture: John 1:40-41

Christians differ on a lot of things, and sometimes these differences can be troublesome. The basics we all agree on are centered on Jesus. We believe he died for our sins, and we believe he came to give his truest followers the opportunity to be in heaven with him. We also believe he is the Messiah. As a matter of fact, we look at the Old Testament prophecies and have a hard time comprehending why those of the Jewish faith aren’t able to recognize his Messiahship. It seems obvious! Obvious until we realize a few startling scriptural facts. First, the label “Messiah” is only used twice in the Old Testament. It is only used twice in the New Testament as well. This means that what we see as overtly obvious, may in fact be more hidden than we ever thought. So, what do we do now?

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The word translated “Messiah” only twice in the Old Testament is used 37 other times. Because this word simply means “anointed” or “consecrated,” it actually applies to many individuals. The priests of the Jewish Law were “anointed.” Kings of Israel were “anointed.” As a matter of fact, King Saul was one of those anointed ones. When Saul was pursuing David to kill him and David had opportunities to do Saul harm, his reaction was always the same. He continually repeated that he would not touch the Lord’s anointed.

But there are a lot of chosen ones!

This tells us the position of being one anointed by God is a very special designation. It shows us they have been chosen to do God’s work and represent His way. So, does this minimize our Christian perspective of THE Messiah? Does it make him just another chosen one in a long line of chosen ones? While the short answer is “of course not,” this answer certainly needs a lot of explanation. By digging into many Old Testament prophecies, we learn that Messiah is represented in many different ways. While rarely called the Messiah, he is often described as a king, a priest, a shepherd and a lawgiver. The list goes on.

Was Jesus disqualified?

This understanding helps us to see the comprehensiveness of exactly who Messiah is and what he stands for. However, there are other issues. According to the perspective of some Jewish faithful, Jesus could not be the Messiah due to several points. First, they claim the genealogies given in Matthew and Luke have a variety of problems that would disqualify Jesus. Second, they state that because Jesus died, it means he failed, and that failure disqualifies him as well. What do we do with all of this? Check out our December 18, 2023 podcast, “How Do We Know Jesus is the Promised Messiah? (Part I)” for answers. We open several prophecies, put scriptures in context and uncover the deep truths of how Jesus is plainly shown as THE Messiah. There are inspiring scriptural discoveries here you don’t want to miss!


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