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Ep.1023: Is Israel a Thorn in the Side of the World?

Israel's unique role in the world and in God's plan

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How long has this land been fought over?

What about historical Palestine?

What does the Bible say is coming next?

What will come of God's overruling on Israel's behalf?

Theme Scripture: Zechariah 12:3

Israel is a country that only covers about 21,000 square kilometers (not even in the top 150 countries – about the size of New Jersey) and houses about 8.3 million people (which figures to be about .11% of the world’s population).  Yet for its insignificance, this land is always in the news and always seems to be in trouble.  Why are there so many questions about and issues with this tiny nation?  Are they really occupying land that is not theirs?  Are they really mean and over-the-top harsh with their neighbors, or are there important details about the constant conflicts we are always missing?  Should we just be fed up with what they do and what they stand for, or should we be respectfully looking up to Israel for what they do and what they stand for?

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1 reply
  1. Laila Kanon
    Laila Kanon says:

    Re: Is Israel a Thorn in the Side of the World?
    Thumbs up for CQ because you’ve got yourself another loyal follower from NZ!
    For any site or page that I follow I judged them by their stand or treatment towards Israel and the Jewish people. That’s not to say that I idolized Israel and the Jewish people, I just cannot stand the discrimination against Israel and the Jewish people. This podcast epitomized that CQ is on the right side of history and true to the Biblical callings. For several years, I’ve been doing some personal study on Israel; a puzzle piece here and a puzzle piece there and when I listened to this podcast all the puzzle pieces fitted together (historically, politically and spiritually.) If I were to nit-picking is that this important subject should be explore in two part series because I see it was rushed and little is cover on the origin of the “why” the Arab-Muslims contempt and hatred towards the Jews since the conception of Islam under Mohammad and how it’s continue to perpetuate to the present days by their direct or indirect hostility towards Israel as a Jewish state. And historical facts would back this up dated back to Mohammad’s era, his parting words before he died and what followed. Presently, the world only see Israel-Palestinian conflict since 1948, like it happened out of a vacuum. In itself, it’s a great podcast to listen to and think about. Keep up the good work and God bless you, CQ team!


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