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VIDEO: Moments that Matter – How Do You Find Your Way Through Grief?

The world can be divided between two kinds of people: Those going through the grieving process because of some sort of traumatic loss, and those who know someone going through such a loss. We will all grieve at some point over people, animals, possessions or opportunities lost. Watch this short vlog about how to heal or help someone heal and then listen to the motivational podcast of the same name.

How May We Be Pure in Heart?

Everyone loves things in their purest form. We love the pure innocence of small children, we love the feeling of drinking pure water and we love to breathe pure air. Now, what about our heart? What about our intentions, our thoughts and our actions? Do we still have that love of purity when it comes to these things? What I am asking is, is our desire for purity, well...is it impure? Stay with us as we look into purity – what it means, how it works and how the Bible teaches us to strive for it. How can we be pure in heart?