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September 19, 2022

Ep.1247: Does God Ever Tempt Us? Contradictions Series

God’s role in temptations, seeing if He sanctions stealing and if He knows all

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Does God EVER tempt us for any reason?

Does God give us permission to steal?

Does God see everything everywhere in the world?

Theme Scripture: James 1:12

God is all powerful and all knowing. The problem is, we often don’t think about what that really means. Not only has knowledge of God diminished in our day, but respect and reverence for Him are now scarce commodities. Humanity in this technology-driven age is prone to judge without understanding. Our benevolent Creator is an easy target of this. We have discussed many supposed contradictions about God in our Bible Contradictions Series, and we will bring up a few more today. Primarily, we want to look at the relationship between God, us and our hard experiences in life. Does God tempt us? Does God purposely place temptations in front of us as a way to teach or punish? Some say the Bible says yes and others say the Bible absolutely says no. So, who’s right? Let’s actually look at the Bible and find out!

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In the few simple and profound verses of the Lord’s Prayer, we have the petition for God to “lead us not into temptation.” For some, this is all the evidence they need to assert that God can and will bring us to the very things that are hardest for us. This view turns this part of the Lord’s Prayer into a bit of a begging session with God. It’s as if we are saying, "God, whatever You do, please don’t lead me to the very precipice of my ability to fail! Please!" But should we have to beg God to not tempt us?

When we combine this scripture with a few other specific texts, we can begin to see where the idea of God tempting us comes from. However, examining this apparent biblical contradiction reveals a completely different conclusion regarding God’s interactions with our weaknesses. Once understood, both the Old and New Testaments echo a resounding message of God’s character and His treatment of humanity.

Check out or September 19, 2022 podcast, “Does God Ever Tempt Us? Contradictions Series” for more. We carefully unfold the several scriptures in question, define the words used and the context of each text to find resounding clarity.

We also examine two other apparent biblical contradictions:

  1. Does God ever permit us to steal? In the Ten Commandments, God plainly says, “Thou shalt not steal.” Yet he instructed His people to take “spoils” from the Egyptians when He released them from slavery. How can God command the same people to do two seemingly opposite things?
  2. What about God's ability to see all and know all? Several scriptures tell us plainly that nothing escapes God’s sight and hearing. However, other scriptures seem to indicate that such power is beyond Him. There are examples of people leaving God’s presence, prophets having to report certain events to God and God sending messengers to verify specific circumstances. So, which is it? Does God see and hear all or does he need lots of help and support?

Join us as we journey through these questions to find find sound scriptural answers!




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2 replies
  1. Dayna-marie Ramjattan
    Dayna-marie Ramjattan says:

    Good day to whom it may concern let’s say that I’m living in a situation that I can’t get out but I know its not pleasing to God’s Eyes. But it’s alot of questions arising in my mind but am afraid to get the answers to the questions. My close friends and family don’t think I should live with this, because am always unwell. Can someone help me figure out what is going on ? Your sister in Christ Dayna-marie


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