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September 09, 2019

Ep.1090: What Profound Secret Does Creation Reveal? Contradictions (Part V)

Startling revelations from Genesis 2

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Why does the order of creation differ in Genesis chapters 1 and 2?

Was Adam created before or after trees, birds and animals like chapter 2 says?

Genesis 1 tells us the Who, What, When, Where and How of creation. What about the Why?

How do we harmonize the contradictions between Genesis chapters 1 and 2?

Theme Scripture: Genesis 2:4

This continues our series on biblical contradictions.  Genesis is the first book of the Bible and its foundation.  It lays out for us the origin of the intricacies of our world, as well as the origins of the human race.  Morality is introduced, and this book takes us through the first few thousand years of the human experience.  Genesis - particularly the creation account - is profoundly important to our understanding of God and our place in His universe.  Critics of the Bible seem to love this creation account.  They are quick to point out that in its very first chapter the book presents itself as not only wildly contradictory, but clearly unscientific as well.  They conclude it is simply a collection of tales and imaginations.  Are they right?  Does the creation account support fanciful stories to give the ignorant something to hold onto, or is it actually based in fact?

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The very first verse of the Bible reads, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth...”  These few words lay the foundation for both great misrepresentation as well as great truth.  The trouble in this verse comes when we assume a subject is being spoken of that isn’t.  “In the beginning...” - what beginning?  Many take this as the beginning of the universe, as it says "God created the heavens and the earth."  Nothing could be further from the truth!  If we would only read a few verses down we would discover that the word "heavens" is actually referring to earth’s atmosphere.  Once we understand this, it is easy to see “In the beginning” is not universal.  It is only about the establishment of earth as a life-supporting planet.

Once we know the creation account in Genesis is only about the earth, we can then begin to grasp its details. Critics are quick to point out the order of creation is flawed in the six creative days.  They say that light/the sun was obviously created on the first day and then again claims to be created on the fourth day.  Further, they read the creation of the fourth day to include the moon and stars.  If they are right, this would reveal several dramatic contradictions of the Bible against itself, not to mention science.

Check out our September 9, 2019 podcast,“Contradictions (Part V): What Profound Secret Does Creation Reveal?” for details.  We carefully go through the supposed Genesis chapter 1 discrepancies and put the account in order as it is meant to be read.  We then look at Genesis 2.  This chapter seems to be in direct and blatant contradiction of the first chapter!  What we find here is not only a logical answer it is a profound truth about the character of God.

The biblical account of creation is far deeper and more in tune with science than the average person may think.  Unraveling these connections requires not just thought, attention and study; it requires a desire to know the truth.  Follow along with us on this path as we unfold these conclusions.  It is a journey worth taking!

Additional Resource: (PDF Article) Eve – The Mother of Us All



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3 replies
  1. Anukis
    Anukis says:

    Great information. In listening what came to mind when you spoke about the actual length of each day is ..it is written a day to us is like a thousand years to God.


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