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March 27, 2023

Ep.1274: If I Have God’s Peace, Why Am I So Stressed?

Learning to reduce negative stress and replace it with God’s peace

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What four steps help us focus on changes we need to make when our stress level is high?

How do the stress-relieving principles of EMPTY and SURRENDER work?

How do the stress-relieving principles of ACCEPTANCE, TRUE REST and REJOICING work?

Theme Scripture: Philippians 4:7

It is a given that life is stressful. We all know that the sheer quantity of input that we are each exposed to from the various parts of our lives is overwhelming. Now come the decisions. Do I watch, do I listen, do I click, do I respond, do I message, do I like? Now comes what is supposed to be the main part of our day, our work, or schooling or caregiving and attempting to do a good job. Next comes our down time, which for many is laughable. It is now in our downtime that we watch, listen, click, respond, message and like, so downtime easily becomes stress time. As Christians, we are supposed to have God’s peace covering our lives. I say "supposed to" because many of us have a really hard time finding that peace in the midst of our daily chaos. Where are we going wrong, and how do we correct it?

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