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Ep.512: How Do We Become Wholly Holy?

Applying “in God we trust” to our personal life

How Do We Become Wholly Holy?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 1:1


Last week we talked about the idea of trusting in God and how the founding fathers of this nation did so as they laid the groundwork for “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” After that VERY lively conversation, we thought it would make sense to build upon the theme, but this time in a personal way. While it is great to talk about a society having trust in God, what about us as individuals? How do we really, truly and sincerely, show our personal trust in God? What should we be doing? How should we be thinking? Individual trust in God ends up being a matter of holiness. The more you truly trust, the holier you become. Stay with us as we look into the keys of this trust and ask the difficult question, How do we become wholly holy?

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  1. RE: Don’s telephone comment. (I’m afraid I’m a few years late with MY response, but I’m trying to catch up!)

    Don’s website? http://www.positiveatheism.org/hist/quotes/luther.htm

    An interesting response to another quote-miner like Don:

    I agree that Luther was not the best example of Christian behavior at the time, but he lived in the time of Crusades and other faulty ideas. He would have condemned Galileo too, I suppose, just as he condemned women because of Eve, or was a huge anti-semite. (Of course, he didn’t really look at what Paul said about how Eve was deceived while Adam was not… so Adam’s sin was the worse of the two.) Anyway, we all know that no one is perfect, and one day Luther will be corrected.

    And, was he really the “father” of Protestantism? There are a lot of different views on that.

  2. NOTE: On the above comment: The part “I agree that… different views on that” is my thought, not a quote from Randal Rauser’s website.


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