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Ep.1109: What Three Steps Will Get Us to Heaven? (Part II)

How justification, sanctification and glorification apply to all

What Three Steps Will Get Us to Heaven? (Part II)

Theme Scripture: Romans 8:17


We know every Christian wants to go to heaven.  The real question is, does every Christian know what is required to get there?  Last week we began to talk about the several important elements God has put in place.  These define not only His plan in general, but they clearly show us what the Christian call is all about.  We found some very legal pieces to the puzzle, as well as some very practical pieces.  It all boils down to two things:  First, there IS a well-defined path to heaven. Second, for the rest of the world not going to heaven, there also IS a path to salvation. Its destination is earthly, but with many similarities to the heavenly path.  Now let’s put all of these pieces in perspective!

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What about glory?

Let’s start by talking about glory, which is generally perceived as a destination.  We usually associate glory with heaven, but in the Bible, glory covers a broad spectrum of results.  There is the glory of men in their imperfect state that some strive to have.  In contrast is the glory of immortal life in heaven that Jesus’ followers strive for.  Glory as represented in the Bible can be found in many different endeavors.  It does not have to be godly to be sought after; it just needs to be appealing.  This begs the question; is there any truly God-honoring glory for the billions of humanity who are not following Jesus as his disciple?  The answer here is a surprising yes.

What about heaven?

How can this be when Jesus spoke so plainly about heaven as the key destination?  It all comes down to understanding what the scriptural teaching regarding the destiny of different groups of people. Based on last week’s podcast, we know God’s plan of salvation entails four necessities required to get to heaven: redemption, justification, reconciliation and sanctification. While these things bring glorification to Jesus’ followers, we cannot discount what those very same things can do for everyone else.

The Bible speaks plainly and often about the positive effects of redemption, justification, etc., on the non-believing world.  One reason so many who believe in Scripture don’t see this is because it is in many ways veiled.  There are, in fact, many prophecies which point to the salvation of the “everybody else.”  Because they are prophetic Old Testament utterances, they not only get less attention, they are also hard to understand.

Check out our January 20, 2020 podcast, “What Three Steps will Get Us to Heaven? (Part 2) for more.  We compare how God’s plan unfolds with those who follow Jesus and those who don’t.  While the differences in these two groups are dramatic, the similarities are profound.  Follow along with us as we trace specific prophecies that reveal what the path of those who don’t believe now will look like later.  Watch God’s plans and purposes unfold out from His word!  This is a journey worth taking.

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