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February 08, 2021

Ep.1164: What Does Moses the Deliverer Teach Us About Jesus?

Highlighting striking similarities between the lives of Moses and Jesus

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How did Moses' character and early life reflect what Jesus would be like?

How were the miracles that Moses performed similar to those of Jesus?

How were the lives and leadership responsibilities of Moses and Jesus uncannily similar?

Theme Scripture: Deuteronomy 18:15

Two of the most dramatic lives recorded in the Bible belong to Moses and Jesus. The heroics of Moses life extended over a lifetime of 120 years, whereas Jesus’ heroics were all accomplished within a 33-year lifetime. Despite the dramatic time differences, there are startling similarities between these two deliverers. Moses’ life was recorded and detailed in four Old Testament books of the Bible. Jesus' life was recorded and detailed in four New Testament books. Both of them were plainly or prophetically referenced throughout the entire Bible. They each executed the two greatest deliverances in the history of mankind – Moses walked his people out of Egypt, and Jesus ransomed the entire human race from sin. This all just scratches the surface! As we look into specific events of Moses' life as deliverer of a nation, we will see inspiring revelations into the life of Jesus as deliverer of the world. Comparing Moses to Jesus makes for a revealing Bible study, as there is an extensive list of striking similarities between the two.

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The Bible points to comparisons

Moses told Israel there would come a prophet from among them who would be like him. The Bible unequivocally tells us he was speaking about Jesus. This revelation by Moses invites us to investigate the significant comparisons between these two leaders. By Moses prophesying that Jesus would be like him, it stands to reason that Moses' life would a be pattern for Jesus’ life. Sure enough, we find that the similarities from the beginning to the end of these two lives are staggering.

For example, think about the simple comparisons between these two lives in relation to their birth and infancy. Both Moses and Jesus were born at times when Israel was not a free nation. They were both were born to parents who were faithful to God. As infants, both of their lives were under threat by the present governing powers of their time. Even though Moses was raised as an Egyptian prince, his birth parents had a powerful influence on him. Parenting and nurturing a deliverer is no easy task, and God chose parents who were up to the task. Moses grew up, left Egypt and renounced his Egyptian upbringing. Jesus was taken to Egypt for protection from Herod and literally came out of Egypt just as Moses did.

Check out our February 1, 2021 podcast, “What Does Moses the Deliverer Teach Us About Jesus?” for more. We compare the characters of Moses and Jesus and look at their leadership. This episode even includes a comparison of some of the miracles they each performed.

Why would God tell us so much about Jesus by way of Moses’ experiences?

There are many reasons, not the least of which is to remind us that God always had a plan. God foreshadowed the actions and responses of Jesus as the world’s savior in Moses’ life as deliverer of Israel.  The message here is one of great comfort. God has everything in His ultimate control. He does not need to make things up as He goes; rather, He creates His plan and watches it unfold!


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3 replies
    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Thank you so much! We were surprised to learn there were so many obvious similarities between Moses and Jesus that could not be coincidental. We enjoyed studying for this episode. Lord bless, Christian Questions

  1. Simony Couceiro
    Simony Couceiro says:

    Thanks for this wonderful podcast. Meditate on how Moses pointed to Jesus and the similarities in the demonstration of God’s power in their lives.


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