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April 13, 2020

Ep.1121: Jesus is Raised! How Does That Change Me?

Finding strength in the disciple’s challenges after Jesus was raised

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When grieving or uncertain, do we accept Jesus told us he would be with us always?

Do we ever think we are no longer in God's plan because of our bad choices and failures?

What do we do when we still doubt even though everyone else seems to be confident?

What did the sacrifice of Jesus do for non-believers?

Theme Scripture: Luke 24:5-6

Easter Sunday is a widely celebrated holiday. It is a day that represents life. For Christians, it represents life in its highest form because it is about the resurrection of Jesus. It is far too easy to lose the deep meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice and victory in the commotion and fanfare of Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny and Easter chocolate. As Christians, we know Jesus’ resurrection was a world-changing experience, but was it a personal, life-changing experience for me? How does the fact of Jesus being in heaven again with God affect me every day? To trace the kind of changes his resurrection can have on us, we need to look at the kind of effect it had on some who were there and experienced it first-hand. What did they see? What did they change?

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Being a witness to the most sensational events in human history has to have an impact! Never in the experience of mankind had anyone ever been killed, raised from the dead and come back as a being with spiritual powers. Further, no one else had ever walked among others and then was raised to heaven before many witnesses. In this episode, we highlighted the experiences of a few who were there for the whole thing. They were followers of Jesus, they saw the crucifixion, they heard about the empty tomb and they had encounters with the risen Lord. In a very short period, their faith went from shattered to sure.

The road to Emmaus

Just one of theses examples is the account of the two disciples walking to Emmaus on the day Jesus’ tomb was discovered to be empty. Sad and confused, they walked that seven-mile trek and tried to piece together the crucifixion with their dashed hopes for the future. As the story relates, a stranger observed their sorrow and began to walk along with them. He shared prophecies and reasoning that helped then to see these events as God’s will. We know that this stranger was Jesus himself, but their eyes were initially shielded from that truth. Once they found out, their lives were changed!

What about me?

Even though I wasn’t there to physically witness these events, I am here now to be a spiritual witness to these things. What kind of changes can I see in myself as I embrace the reality of Jesus being raised? He is now at the right hand of God, so where does that put me? Has my life been clearly and outwardly transformed as a result of what I see?

Check out our April 13, 2020 podcast, “Jesus is Raised. How Does that Change Me?” for more. We continue to break down the story of the road to Emmaus as well as several others. How did Jesus ease his followers into acceptance of his miraculous resurrection? How did they grow and respond as a result? And again, what about me? How can I daily learn to live Jesus’ resurrection?


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