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April 18, 2022

Ep.1225: Can Jesus’ Resurrection Revive My Faltering Faith?

How the victory and love of Jesus forgave Peter’s failed faith

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What did Jesus teach Peter to prepare him for failure?

What happened after Jesus was the willing prisoner of the high priest?

How was Jesus able to lift Peter back up after such a crushing failure?

Theme Scripture: Mark 16:16-17

When thinking about world-altering events, there is one that stands alone as the single most powerful world-changing event in the history of humanity. It is the raising of Jesus from the dead. Many call this Easter Sunday. When this event occurred so many centuries years ago, the vast majority of the world had no idea of its significance. Today 2,000 years later, most still don’t have a clue. Jesus’ resurrection sealed the future hope of every man, woman and child who ever lived by guaranteeing them their own resurrection. Even more than this, Jesus’ resurrection also changed individual lives back then as it still does today. After the Apostle Peter abandoned Jesus in his greatest hour of trial, Peter needed the renewing power of Jesus’ resurrection. We too can falter as Peter did. How can we claim that same renewing power?

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Could this be us?

We all experience faltering faith at some time or other. Imagine being told that you were likely to do something really bad, something you would never dream of doing. You think, “No way will THAT ever happen !” You go about your business and then look up later and realize that you did exactly what you thought you would NEVER do! And to top it off, not only did you do it; you did it with energy and flare! As bad as this example feels, what Peter did when he denied that he even knew Jesus on the night before Jesus’ crucifixion was far worse. The depth of his failure rightfully shook him to his very core. It would have intensely shaken or even broken any one of us as well.

The only one not shaken by Peter’s collapse was Jesus himself. As a matter of fact, Jesus knew Peter’s weakness would manifest long before it happened. Jesus informed Peter of what was to come and invested significant time into teaching Peter several fundamental lessons before his debacle occurred. You might wonder, if Jesus knew Peter was going to deny him, why even bother with teaching him? Wouldn’t his lessons fall on deaf ears?

Teaching now. Understanding later.

One of the many profound things about Jesus’ mind and character was that he always focused on the big picture even while attentively handling the minute details before him. Jesus’ teachings dedicated to Peter were not meant to bear fruit that night, they were meant to change Peter later. It would not be until Jesus had been crucified, in the grave for three days and resurrected that those lessons would even begin to touch Peter. More than that, Peter’s failure, Jesus’ lessons, and the resulting victory were put there to aid our faltering faith as well.

Check out our April 18, 2022 podcast, “Can Jesus’ Resurrection Revive My Faltering Faith?” for more. Because we fail like Peter did, our paying attention to all that Jesus did for him can be transformative for us. Join us as we watch Jesus’ wisdom, love and compassion unfold and rebuild Peter. It’s a recipe for how Jesus can - by the power of his resurrection - take our failures and bring us to victory!


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