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November 22, 2021

Ep.1205: How Can I Rejoice in Trials?

Discovering the profound power of gratitude in the face of adversity

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How does Paul's letter to the Colossians give us encouragement?

How does Paul's letter to the Philippians teach us to rejoice in all things?

What can we learn from the last letter Paul wrote from prison before his death?

Theme Scripture: Philippians 1:12-13

Every Christian wants to be faithful in living their life with thankfulness. One immediate question that arises is, what causes us to be thankful? What life experiences bring us to gratitude? Most of us would answer that we feel appreciativeness when things fall into place or when a hard experience yields a righteous result. These are great times to give honor to God, but what about when the opposite happens? What kind of acknowledgment do we give to God when our opportunities are cut off for no good reason? Would we be grateful if we were singled out to have our personal freedoms to spread the gospel stripped, and we were instead literally locked in our house? The Apostle Paul was. The last several years of his life were mostly spent as a prisoner of Rome. What was his secret to rejoicing?

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