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VIDEO: CQ Kids – How Should We Pray?

Praying is a very special privilege. When we speak to the Creator of the universe, we should show deep respect. Many Christians pray before meals, when they wake in the morning or before bedtime. However, we can pray anywhere at any time. Even if you pray silently in your mind, God can still hear you!  Have your kids watch this short video to learn more about how to pray.

Can Thanksgiving Change Your Life?

There was once a time (and it seems that it was long ago), that the whole idea of Thanksgiving as a holiday held deep and profound meaning. Seems kinda funny to say that, because when we think of Thanksgiving now, what do we think of? Family, turkey, football, stuffing, days off, pumpkin pie. Eating too much and thinking too little. Thanksgiving – the concept can change your life – it can take you from a crying heart to a contented spirit. It can alter what you see and how you see it. It can find hope and strength where there seemed only to be despair and weakness. Thanksgiving...how do we live it?

How Often Does Thankfulness Occur to You?

Thanksgiving has come and gone. All that remains are leftovers from a great meal, the memories of family and friends, excitement or disappointment at the result of a football game or two and the results of Black Friday shopping… Was it fun? Yes! Was it worthwhile? Of course! Did our holiday really focus on the true intention of “Thanksgiving?” Hmmm… Thanksgiving is one thing – “Thanks-Living” – well, that is an entirely different story!

Is Your Life a Thankful Life?

The Thanksgiving holiday – it is a most misunderstood and misapplied American tradition. We all love the day off, the gathering of families and friends, the abundant food and the design of the day for leisure, but what was it originally? What was the reason for that original feast back in 1621, and what was the intention of the United States government in maintaining the November celebration? Stay with us as we look into some history, some Scriptures, some music and even some humor as we focus on Thanksgiving. Is it just a holiday or is it a way of life?

Got Gratitude?

Thanksgiving! It is a word that for most conjures up images of a holiday – as a matter of fact, it was this past Thursday. It conjures up food, family and friends, it conjures up overeating, football, and a day off; and hopefully, it conjures up...well, hopefully it conjures up thanksgiving! You know, the act of giving thanks – the act of gratitude. Now, with that somewhat novel thought of actual gratitude in our minds, we need to focus on the recipient of this gratitude. Stay with us as we talk about true heart-felt gratitude and the life-changing results of giving such gratitude!

Did You Stop Long Enough to Really Give Thanks?

So, did you overeat this past Thursday? It was great to have the day off, wasn’t it? Did you watch a lot of football? How about Friday - did you get that day off as well? Did you get out there and shop shop shop? Are you now focused on preparations for Christmas? Is your tree up yet? How about cards, decorations and guest lists? Is everything on schedule? Wow! If we didn’t know better, we would have passed off this past Thursday as just another day off. In actuality, it was Thanksgiving, a holiday set in place to stop andthank God for His overruling on our behalf. This program looks at Thanksgiving for its true meaning. Try and STOP so we can continue to live the ʺattitude of gratitude!ʺ

How Can We Show Our Thanks?

Today is a special day. First of all, it is Father’s Day, a day we set aside to honor the role fathers have played in our lives. In this environment here in America in 2008, the role of fathers seems to be continually beset with ideas of irrelevancy. As I see it, that is a symptom of a God-minimizing approach to families. However, we are not discussing that today. No, today we are celebrating the amazing opportunity that Jonathan, myself and our crew have had in bringing Christian Questions to you on a weekly basis, for today marks this program’s 10th year anniversary! So, stay with us and look back at how we got started, where we have been, what has happened and most of all, how we have been blessed by God! How can we show our thanks? Well, let’s try!