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VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Do I Have a Sound Christian Mind?

Learn how to adopt “the spirit of power.”  This power is not attainable by exercise, supplements or by force of human will, it’s a result of the miraculous indwelling of God’s spirit within the lives of all called out Christians. This power is the foundation from which we overcome our cowardice.  Watch this short vlog then listen to the full podcast of the same name for more details.

How Strong is Your Foundation?

Every Bible-believing Christian believes that they are building their life on the sure foundation of Christ. Jesus spoke about it – no, actually he warned about having such a belief without truly having the right foundation. He warned about the regret that would be experienced upon realizing that one’s proposed Christianity was in fact only a pretense. The good news is that Jesus, along with his warning, provided all that we need to know about truly building on the right foundation. So...what do we need to know? Stay with us and let’s find out!

Where Can We Find True Hope?

When we look around us these days, what do we see? The world is on fire with social unrest, the financial markets are riding tidal waves of volatility, our national debt is about 900 miles high, unemployment just doesn’t seem to go away and to top it off, the average person seems far more restless and unhappy than ever before! We have all heard the saying “hope for the best,” but the best of what? And what does it mean to hope? Stay with us as we look into hope – what it is, how it works, and how it can truly be a positive and life-changing experience in such a troubled world.