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Ep.1086: Are Jesus’ Ransom and Our Salvation the Same?

Clarifying the purpose of the ransom and the process of salvation

Are Jesus’ Ransom and Our Salvation the Same?

Theme Scripture: 1 Timothy 2:5-6


Jesus died for our sins, and if we believe in him we will go to heaven.  This common Christian belief that ties Jesus’ sacrifice and our salvation up into one neat package sounds simple, but it actually raises many questions.  What does it mean to “believe” in Jesus?  Is belief in his teachings the point or is it believing in the fact of and reason for his death? What is salvation? Is it just praying the Sinner’s Prayer?  It it a change of heart or a complete life overhaul?  Does everyone who experiences salvation go to heaven?  What about Jesus praying for God’s kingdom on earth?  To sort this all out, we need to look at how the Bible says the pieces go together.  First, we need to understand Jesus’ ransom and the specific role it plays. Once this is in place, understanding salvation becomes much easier!

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Let’s be clear.  The ransom Jesus paid for our sins as he was crucified on Calvary’s cross is entirely different from the salvation that comes to each of us afterwards.  Understanding they are two completely different things is a critical step in being able to comprehend God’s plan for humanity.  What do we know about Jesus’ sacrifice?  Plenty.  First, it was a "one size fits all" event.  There are many Christian theories about how this works, so let’s go past them all and get to the main point.  The simple and scriptural reason for Jesus’ ransom being once for all is that he died for Adam’s sin.  Romans chapter 5 makes this clearly known and also explains that because we are the posterity of Adam, our sins are also included.

What does this mean for salvation?  While salvation is squarely built upon the sole foundation of the ransom, it works in an entirely different way.  Here again, there are many Christian theories at work but for the most part do not adequately answer many of the hard questions.  What about people who lived before Jesus – what is their link to salvation?  What happens to those who never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel or meet a Christian?  Are they simply cut out of the reach of being saved?  Does salvation work the same way for everyone?  The Bible is very clear as it deals which every one of these difficult and important questions.

Check out our August 12, 2019 podcast, “Are Jesus’ Ransom and Our Salvation the Same?” for the details.  The scriptural and logical pathway to clarifying salvation is surprisingly easy to follow.  Walk along with us as we dispel interpretations and theories that attempt to make salvation a "one size fits all" package.  Follow our scriptural reasoning as we consider the many texts that open salvation’s wide application. Understand the radically different results being saved brings, depending upon who is claiming it.  As you see the Scriptures revealed on this subject, it is sure to be a light bulb experience!  Don’t miss it!

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