Home Parable What Have You Built YOUR Life Upon?

Ep.892 : What Have You Built YOUR Life Upon?

Observing if our life is built upon the rock of Jesus or just sand

What Have You Built YOUR Life Upon?

Theme Scripture: Matthew 7:24


Life can be likened to a house. Some houses are spacious and elegant – people tend to notice them when they go by. Some houses are smaller, functional and more basic – people tend to look past them when they go by. When you think about it, whether the house is elegant or basic, the most important part of it is its foundation. What that is made of and built upon has a direct bearing on how long that house is able to endure. So, what about YOUR life – what is your foundation made of and what is it built on? Is your Christian life able to weather any storm?

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A poor foundation inherently brings vulnerability to whatever is built upon it, such as building on insincerety, instability and pride.  Christ as our true rock brings a firmness of faith, a depth of understanding, a clarity of vision, and living right in God's sight.  The storms of life can't destroy us or dilute our resolve.

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