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August 22, 2022

Ep.1243: Am I Putting New Wine in an Old Wineskin?

Three parables to help us stretch with the Christian development required of us

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What does the Parable of the Garment and the Patch teach us?

What does the Parable of the Wineskins teach us?

What does the Parable of Old Wine teach us?

Theme Scripture: Mark 2:22

One of the great Christian challenges of our day is living a God-honoring life in a world that basically thinks you’re nuts. What role should our differences with the world around us play in how we do or don’t fit in with all that goes on each day of our lives? What specific principles do we have that govern our thoughts words and deeds to keep us godly and yet approachable? Jesus’ Parable of the Wineskins answers this. This parable is part of a specific answer Jesus gave to a specific question. His answer also included two other very simple parables. As we will see, these three short examples combine to teach some important lessons relating not only to prophetic events, but to our personal behaviors and choices as well.

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The disciples of John the Baptist were troubled.

They had followed the fearless and dynamic preaching of John for Israel to repent of their sins, and now their leader was in prison. Some of John’s disciples came to Jesus and asked him why his followers did not engage in fasting and mourning as they did. This was an important question and Jesus would give them an important answer. However, in his typical fashion, Jesus did not simply answer their question. On the contrary, he took this opportunity and crafted it into a powerful teaching moment, not just for John’s disciples but for his own followers as well.

Jesus’ answer to John the Baptist’s troubled disciples was clear and likely not what they expected to hear. He told them that it was not appropriate for his own disciples to fast, even though John was in prison. Jesus saw that John’s disciples needed to expand their understanding. They needed to realize that Jesus' very presence was the greatest age-changing event that had ever happened. They needed to see that the joy of having Jesus with them far exceeded any sorrow they were feeling. He compassionately taught them this truth by speaking three very short parables.

Jesus gave three special parables to the disciples of John the Baptist

Jesus’ three stories were simple. The first was about the foolishness of patching an old garment with cloth from a new one and ruining both. The second was about the folly of fermenting new wine in old wineskins and the disaster of that old skin bursting to the ruin of all. The third simple story was about not wanting to try new wine because you are comfortable with the old. All three of these stories were about leaving behind something that had value for the sake of moving on to something of much greater value. John’s disciples needed this message - and so do we.

Check out our August 22, 2022 podcast, “Am I Putting New Wine in Old Wineskins?” for more. As powerful as the age-changing message of having Jesus with them was, Jesus’ message in these parables is no less potent to us. Join us for a revealing reality check. It may change the way you see your Christian life!



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