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Ep.921: How Can I Inspire Like Jesus?

Learning to apply Jesus' seven keys of inspiration

How Can I Inspire Like Jesus?

Theme Scripture: Hebrews 10:24

Special Guest: Todd Alexander

Inspiration elevates people. Everyone loves inspiration and wants to inspire others. We love to hear or watch stories that make us feel good, and we will go back to those stories again and again to refuel. Even more than going back to those stories, we would love to inspire others – we would love to BE that story people go back to again and gain. Jesus was like that. He was a constant source of inspiration in everything he said and did, and for the last two thousand years, billions have gone back to the accounts of his life to be inspired and directed.  What if you could learn how Jesus inspired others and begin to become an inspiration yourself?  Here is another story of inspiration.

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It turns out that someone has not only already asked that question but answered it as well.  Todd Alexander was our guest for the June 5, 2016 podcast “How can I Inspire Like Jesus?” and he brought his answers with him.

We began our conversation by reviewing the depth of inspiration that Jesus gave and then began to look at how he did it.  Now, obviously being the perfect son of God put Jesus in a natural position to be inspiring, but there was much more to it than that.  Jesus used seven very specific methods to inspire others, and by observing how he used them, we can we can begin to unlock the secrets of being inspirational ourselves.

The first key is “Question.”  Now, that may seem a little odd, but stay with me.  Jesus would ask questions to create a thought or a thought pattern in the hearts of potential followers.  By asking a question instead of declaring a truth, Jesus actually gave ownership of whatever the lesson was that he was teaching to the potential disciple, and when we own something we tend to take better care of it.  So, questions really can be tools to guide others and to lift them up to a higher level of thinking.  In short, questions can really inspire.  We just need to make sure the questions we ask are for the benefit and betterment of those we are addressing, otherwise our results will be far from inspiring.

The second key is “Love.”  Because “God is love,” this key to inspiration can actually bring the recipient of our expression of love to catch a glimpse of the face of God through us!  Just thinking about that is inspiring!  Remember, we as Christians are to love all men and that includes our enemies, so while thinking about implementing this key is exciting, it is certainly not without its challenges.

Keys three through seven?  No time for those now, but that does not mean they do not have the same potential impact as the first two.  Please check out our June 5, 2016 broadcast titled, “How can I Inspire Like Jesus?” and give yourself the full opportunity to not only be inspired but to learn how to pass on true, deep and transformational inspiration to others!

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