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June 12, 2016

Ep.922: How Do You Learn to Truly Trust?

Building TRUST and HOPE on the foundation of FAITH

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How is trust related to faith?

We don't get to walk on water, but how else does Jesus teach us to grow trust?

What must change in my life to truly live my trust?

What does a life fully engaged in trust look like?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 91:2

…But do you trust me? Such a question pierces right down to the heart of any matter, for true trust is sacred. Any relationship - be it family, friends, business or otherwise - will thrive when it is intact. With it, growth, change and the conquering of obstacles are all not only possible but probable. With trust there is security. When it is broken – and it can be broken in an instant with a single word or action – any relationship is headed for shipwreck upon the rocks of disappointment and despair. Rebuilding after such a shipwreck is a long and difficult process. So, how can we learn to trust the right things in a deep and secure fashion?

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"Trust" according to Merriam Webster Online Dictionary means, "assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something."  Think about it – it's not just relying on someone or something; it is assured reliance, a reliance that is deep and convicted, a reliance with no doubts.  God through Jesus is unequivocally trustworthy - unequivocally worthy of our assured reliance - and to learn to have this kind of confidence in Him will absolutely change your life...so how do we learn it?

The Old and New Testaments have different shades of meaning for the word.  In the Old Testament, it's described in a very physical way, as its meaning is to flee for protection or to hide for refuge.  So, when you have serious issues in life that cause stress or cause you to need to find safety and security, you go to the person or place you believe will absolutely cover and protect you from danger – you go to the person or place you implicitly trust.

The New Testament describes it very much in the context of hope and persuasion.  That might sound odd until we think it through.  Trust is hope in that as we look to the future in the context of this very unsettled world, we need to have something to anchor our souls.  The Bible’s teaching and prophecies provide us that anchor, for they give us solid reason to hope for – to have utter confidence in – to trust the future, because if God revealed it, then it will in fact come to pass.  To hope, to truly look forward with convicted hope, is therefore to trust.

This includes persuasion as well, for when we are persuaded of something, when we are shown the proof and clarity of something to the point of our adopting it as a basis for our life, we have then put trust into play.  To be persuaded is to trust.

Now that we know what such a reliance looks like, how can it in a very practical way become an integral part of our lives? Check out our June 12, 2016 broadcast entitled, “How do We Learn to Truly Trust?” and see how the Bible not only gives us living examples of it being developed, it also shows us how to step-by-step make trust real and vital in our lives!


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