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August 13, 2018

Ep.1034: Did Jesus REALLY Die for Everyone?

Scripturally pinpointing the extent and reach of Jesus' ransom

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Was the Law defective since it didn't bring all people back to His favor?

What's the difference between the mediation work of Moses and Jesus?

What about those who go to heaven?

How do we put all these pieces together?

Theme Scripture: Isaiah 42:1

Every Christian adheres to and celebrates the belief that Jesus died to pay for our sins.  In the spirit of Jesus’ own words saying "there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved," we go about preaching the good news of the salvation made available through the life, death and resurrection of our Master.  It is here that the questions and differences come into play.  What does it mean that Jesus died for all?  Does that imply an equal opportunity for each and every human being who ever lived to come to salvation?  If so, then how does it work for the billions who have never had Jesus presented to them as a viable option for belief?  If there is NOT an equal opportunity for all, then why not?  What would possibly keep God from presenting a choice to every human being?

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Is the Bible sending mixed messages?

You would think we would be in agreement on a subject as important as this. One of the primary reasons we are not is that the Bible itself seems to send mixed messages on the matter.  It specifically tells us Jesus came to save those who believe.  He said in Matthew 7:14 (paraphrased) that the gate is small and the way to life is narrow, and few there be that find it.  This would seem to indicate that salvation is specific - you need to believe in Jesus and walk a difficult path.  Anyone outside of that is simply out of the picture.  For many, this approach ends the argument. Or not…

The Bible also says (and I will paraphrase and add emphasis 1 John 2:2) that Jesus did come to redeem us from our sins, but he also came for the sins of the whole world.  Additionally it says in 1 Tim. 2:6 that Jesus gave himself a ransom for ALL. When we look at these texts and several others in light of the “narrow way” teaching, we come upon what might be viewed as a full-blown debate...or at least a legitimate contradiction.  How can both ways possibly be true?  How could Jesus have died for just the chosen and still have redeemed the entire race of humanity? Can we show Jesus died for all?

Both are true!

Actually, the beauty of this whole thing is that both ideas can be entirely true.  If we step back from the details for a moment and review the big picture context in which these things are spoken, a whole new level of meaning begins to emerge.  Check out our August 13, 2018 podcast, “Did Jesus REALLY Die for Everyone?” and see for yourself.  We lay out original sin and how it was planned on being atoned for from the very beginning.  Then we look at the iconic promise given to Abraham of "blessing all the families of the earth" and the role Moses played in sharpening our understanding of this promise.  We then observe how Jesus pulls every single detail together and becomes the pivot point of eternity for the entire human race.  This is a journey you do not want to miss!


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3 replies
  1. Phil Grahn
    Phil Grahn says:

    I have been in the Christian church most of my life, even following my parents into ministry, but one thing tormented me 24/7 not having a clue how to solve it away, and that was my sin. No one in theology, no pastor could help me, for they too could not solve away their sin. I was really Dead Man Walking in the church while wearing the ‘Christian face mask.’ It became so bad that I stood down from ministry, and sought after the truth which could set me free. During my seeking, praying, knocking, I had kinda the same experience as that Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8 when God sent one of His holy people to come alongside me and to unlock the Bible for me. I was blind, never saved, and desperately seeking to be set free from my sin, for I knew without a doubt that sinners could never enter heaven, The Most Holy Place. And as this saint of God opened up the Bible, I jumped with joy, and exclaimed, ‘So this was how Jesus took away all my sin!’ I read this many times, but even, so I could not see due to my blindness, Praise God, Hallelujah!! I was introduced to the gospel that Jesus announced of the water and the Spirit – John 3:5. At that moment my eyes went open and I could see exactly how Jesus took up all our sin at His baptism by John the Baptist, and then carried them to the Cross where He died paying the price fully. This was why He could cry out, ‘It is finished!’ The faith of Christians must now change from the lie that states the Cross is the only atoning sacrifice for sin. Jesus never came just by blood, but by the water, the blood and the Spirit to save us – 1 John 5:6-11

    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Thank you for your comments and scriptural insight. We do believe Jesus did come in accordance with the will of the Father and was baptized in water and acknowledged by God’s spirit via the voice from heaven. He was then given God’s holy Spirit to work the works that he did. His coming to the cross was the final step – having been faithful in all things, he shed his blood for us. That shedding of blood was the sealing step – the culmination of what the baptism represented and what the Spirit directed him to do. – Christian Questions

    THOMAS D ADAMS says:

    1John 5:6-8 harmonize that Jesus wasn’t begotten of the spirit until baptized in Jordan and he was THEN SENT into the world (of Israel & beyond). Jesus had grown for 30 years BEFORE being called, accepted, and begotten of God’s spirit to accomplish the ministry! We likewise live lives until being called, accepted, and begotten, for the ministry.


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