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VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Is Mercy Compatible With Justice?

Mercy or justice? Both! Mercy and justice are not only inseparable but fully dependent upon one another. Look at God’s impartiality. It’s clean. We can see His integrity ONLY when we connect what He did in biblical times to what we know about His motives and plan. Simply stated, God’s justice is restorative. It not only provides consequences for wrong actions, but teaches the wrongdoer how to become righteous. Watch this short vlog and then listen to the full podcast of the same name.

Exactly What Does it Take to be Godly?

The world that we live in is tough. It is not only full of challenges to our convictions; it is full of diversions and distractions as well. We are overwhelmed with input, advertisement, chatter, emails, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, sports, entertainment, politics, work, leisure, holidays, events, traffic, weather, style, fashion, home repair, friends, family and life in general that to step away from it all and focus on pure and simple Godliness seems almost impossible. Yet, we as Christians are to pursue Godliness as a primary objective for our lives! Okay, now what? How do we do that? Stay with us as we examine the secret (well it’s really not so secret, it’s in the book of Titus), this formula for being Godly in an ungodly world!