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January 22, 2024

Ep.1317: It’s Time to Change, but How Much Is Enough?

Prioritizing our needed life changes and setting up to accomplish them

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What kinds of things might distort our ability to change for the better?

How can we plan for change?

How can we overcome complacency to reach our spiritual goals?

Theme Scripture: Romans 12:12

Let’s face it. We all know that each and every one of us can be better. We can be better human beings, better friends, co-workers, spouses, cousins and certainly better Christians. The challenge here is obvious. Being “better” requires change. Significant change. To be better in whatever area we are focusing on requires a different mindset, which brings different words and actions. This all translates into work! So, how do we go about actually becoming “better”? Where do we start? How many parts of our lives do we try to change? Do we work on them all at once? How do we figure out what the very highest priorities are? What if we fail? How does the Bible guide us with all of these details?

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What makes a person want to change?

One of the most obvious answers is that we see something or someone that displays circumstances or characteristics or perceived advantages that we would like to possess. We want to change because we want something different than we already have. This tells us that change - true and lasting change - is driven by more than a desire for something, it is equally driven by dissatisfaction with our current situation.

The idea of dissatisfaction as a driving force is both powerful and potentially problematic. It is powerful because human nature will run towards something with even greater energy if it is running away from something at the same time. Simultaneously being motivated away from one thing and towards another gives us a much higher opportunity for success. As good as this is, dissatisfaction can be problematic when the change we seek is difficult. An inability to achieve the change we sought can trigger an abiding and depressive mental state.

How do we handle this?

  1. Realize we cannot change everything about ourselves all at once. Overload is a recipe for discouragement and failure.
  2. Understand that all change is not the same. Some things in life can be changed by altering or adjusting what we say do or think. These alterations build on a base that is already valuable and somewhat established. On the other side of the matter, there are some changes that can only be achieved by abandonment. If we have habits or associations that are toxic, we need to recognize their poison and leave them in our past.

Great! Lots of details, but how do we do it? Check out our January 22,2024 podcast, “It’s Time to Change, but How Much Is Enough?” for more. We walk through the several stages of change and highlight how each stage looks in relation to the altering or abandoning being pursued. Any and every Christian needs to daily work on changing to become more like Jesus. The Bible is full of advice, encouragement and examples of how all of this can be accomplished. Join us for some practical and welcomed biblical advice on how our changing can bring glory to God!


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