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July 31, 2023

Ep.1292: Does Biblical Truth Really Make Us Free? (Part II)

How freedom in Christ helps us forgive and stand upon firm biblical doctrine

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How does our accepting responsibility bring us further to having freedom in Christ?

Knowing truth provokes us to action, but what if that action is emotionally difficult?

What does successful Christian development look like?

Theme Scripture: John 8:31-32

In our last episode, we spoke with our good friend and brother in Christ, Howie Clare, from New Zealand. We met him through our Christian Questions ministry several years ago. Howie’s life had forever changed when his wife of 12 years left him with no explanation. To try and help him cope with his profound sorrow and loss, his son suggested he listen to Christian podcasts, and that's how he found us. He not only became a listener, he also reached out to us via e-mail which led to our meeting him via Zoom and studying with him. All of this led to several other changes in his life as his hunger for and enlightenment through scriptural truth drove him to many unforeseen steps and life decisions.

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Like it or not, traumatic and hard experiences change your life.

There’s no way around this truth. The only thing we can do is decide what we want this changed life to look like and then pursue that vision as best as we can. Of course, such pursuit is never an easy or even comfortable task. Rather, it requires a dramatic shift in how we face that experience. This adjustment alone is where many of us lose our desire to overcome and we end up succumbing to the trauma never leaving our hearts or minds. We then live in its shadow and only ever catch glimpses of life under the warmth of the sun.

Howie faced that choice and struggled, as he had determined that he would “press into God” for his answers. Those answers came, but as is the case with most things of great value, they came with a cost. The price for freedom from his tragic loss was change. If he wanted true freedom in Christ, he would have to embrace a level of Christian living and spiritual focus he had never before experienced.

A new level of thinking and focus

This new level of thinking and focus began with addressing the very core of his Christianity. He had to look at what he had been instructed to believe were Bible-based teachings and be willing to question them. Why? Jesus said that to be his disciples we need to continue in his word, and then knowing the truth would make us free. Howie began to realize this meant personally delving into the Bible and its teachings - not just sitting back and being taught. He began to realize that freedom in Christ was the result of maturity in Christ, not just a feeling.

Howie’s journey brought him to several conversations with his pastor and several decisions about following the truth of Scripture instead of the traditions of a denomination. His journey brought him face-to-face with the abandonment that had left him so broken. Check out our July 31, 2023 podcast “Does Biblical Truth Really Make Us Free? (Part II)” for more. Join us for this inspiring story as we track Howie’s steps, changes and determination that drove his journey towards freedom in Christ.

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