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July 24, 2023

Ep.1291: Does Biblical Truth Really Make Us Free? (Part I)

The true story of a Christian's journey through tragedy to freedom in Christ

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What do you do when life gets uncomfortable and unpredictable?

Do we look back to see our greatest periods of growth and progress have come from our most difficult experiences?

Being a follower of Christ is not a one-time decision. How do we undergo a daily transformation?

Theme Scripture: John 8:31-32

Today we want to talk about freedom. Not freedom in the sense of being released from some form of physical captivity, and not freedom in the sense of being able to express yourself without fear. No, the freedom we want to focus on is bigger and deeper. It is the freedom we can be given when we are drawn to God through Christ and find our way to becoming a true disciple. True discipleship does have a high cost. The reason for that cost is to insure an eternity of freedom in Christ and a dwelling place with our heavenly Father.

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True freedom

It's hard to understand the extraordinary value of true freedom unless we understand what it’s like to live without it. Even though we are Christians, our human experiences we can easily shackle us through circumstances, emotions, disagreements and tragedies. These kinds of things often come upon us without warning and without an ability to prepare for them. We look up and suddenly realize that we are in an untenable position of limitation. We feel trapped and minimized, and hopelessness begins to dominate our hearts.

Our friend from New Zealand

Howie Clare, a Christian from New Zealand, knows how this works all too well. We got to know Howie through our Christian Questions podcast and he agreed to tell us his story. Several years ago, as Howie tells it, he was a happily married Christian man, just working through life and enjoying the journey. He then experienced a completely unexpected marital tragedy and was left in that hopeless state of questioning and grief.

Check out our July 24, 2023 podcast, “Does Biblical Truth Really Make Us Free? (Part I)" for more. Howie lays out his story in dramatic and emotional detail. He shares his doubts, his turmoil and his determination as he faced his life’s challenges. The honest discussion takes us to the further challenges he faced when the stability of his church environment also became an issue. Finally, Howie shares how God’s leadings helped him to, small step by small step put this whole chapter of his Christian walk in order.

As we absorb Howie’s inspiring story, we apply a scriptural backdrop to it. This enables us to see just what true freedom in Christ means and what we have to do to live in its liberty. We all have hard life experiences and sometimes feel imprisoned by them. Join us for Part I of this 2-part series. Listen to the unfolding process of knowing and being set free through God’s truth!


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  1. Macel Muyco
    Macel Muyco says:

    Hello brethren. .I praise God for Christian Questions and how God uses this platform to spread the Good News of the Bible and the example of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I highly recommend that the link for the podcast also typed in the caption that has the hash tag including the podcast episode number. I believe it will be helpful for those who will see the shorts recap of the recent podcast easily. Just a thought and suggestion. The Lord bless you all brethren. We love you.


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