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Ep.1043: How Do Angels Help Us in Daily Life?

Examining the interactions we should or shouldn't have with angels

How Do Angels Help Us in Daily Life?

Theme Scripture: Matthew 26:53


As far as I’m concerned, angels are pretty much a mystery to us. I think that we have very limited knowledge of what goes on up there in heaven and are just given glimpses of what angels have done here on earth at God's command. Further, we have no strong biblical reason to believe that we should be seeking out or messaging with them here and now. Yet, in their daily lives, myriads of people believe in identifying angels and communicating with them. Who is right in all of this? How do we go about finding the genuine “spin free” truth about these heavenly beings? Are they here on earth? Do they protect some or all of us? Are we supposed to get to know them?

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The word for angel means "messenger."

In the Bible it is sometimes used to describe human beings sent from one person to another as an emissary.  It is often used to describe powerful beings from heaven sent by God.  The concept of angels from heaven coming down and being among us has captured the imaginations of many.  When you think about it, the scenario is pretty fantastic.  God wants to get something done on earth, or He wants to inform a specific human being of His plans.  So, He dispatches a glowing angel clothed in white who speeds through the heavens with his mighty wings.  He arrives and dramatically does the bidding of God.  Is this how it happens?

Angels ARE sent by God.

How they get here is beyond our comprehension, but there are several things we can understand. First are the reasons for angelic visits. Each and every time an angel was dispatched by God in the Bible (and those were rare occurrences), there were always clear conditions in place and something specific was needed. That something had to do with the moving forward of God’s plan or with God’s care for those who served Him. That something was usually about protection, punishment or proclamation and nothing more than that.

Second, each and every time an angel came to earth from God, they did their work and left. There was no hanging around afterwards, there were no unnecessary interactions with humanity - they just left.

Having said all of that, we need to approach the idea of “guardian angels.” The Bible does tell us that they are real, but the questions regarding them are many. Does everyone have one, can we know who they are and can we communicate with them?  Check out our October 15, 2018 podcast, “How D Angels Help Us in Daily Life?” for some answers and perspectives. We lay out what the Bible tells us about the hierarchy of the heavenly host, where angels fit into that arrangement and their role concerning humanity. We examine the common belief among many of communicating with angels. You'll hear pointed answers about the specific role guardian angels play.


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  1. If Angel’s were sent to help and protect us; Jesus would have told us; Jesus did send the Holy Spirit


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