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October 22, 2018

Ep.1044: How Do Demons Influence Our World?

Tracing how demonic influence works so we can guard against it

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What does God do with rebellious angels?

How do demons influence humanity?

Why do demons want to possess human beings?

How do we make sure we don't get caught up in demonic influences?

Theme Scripture: Luke 4:33-34

We really are messed up. Just look around and observe the kinds of things we call "entertainment," and it quickly becomes obvious that human minds have an unhealthy fascination with the powers of darkness. How many movies, TV shows and online series and stories focus on dark spiritual power? How many depictions of Satan and his demons do we see and shudder at? What’s worse, computer-generated imagery can absolutely bring these things to life. Once we begin going down the imaginary road of what the demonic world might look like and feel like, it is just one more small step before we accept this imagery as a reality that is kinda cool! News flash – there is NOTHING cool about evil!

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Where do demons come from?

The Bible gives a pretty thorough explanation of their origin.  To begin with, Satan was the first to rebel against God.  Because of his mighty power and high rank, his rebellion not only affected the course of human history, but it changed the heavenly order as well.  Satan drew many of the heavenly host to follow after him.  They took their allegiance away from God Almighty and gave it to Satan.  The results were devastating.  Because he had the “keys” to earth and the human race (God had originally granted him great authority over this world) he was able to “let them in.”  Though originally angels of God, many of them in their new loyalty thoroughly abused the privilege of human access.  God then intervened and limited their power over the human race.

The limited power of these demons does not mean they cannot do damage or harm to humanity.  On the contrary - they can and they do.  Their influence has permeated many cultures and religions in countless ways, and they are also capable of possessing individuals.  While demon possession is not a common thing, it certainly is a heartbreaking and damaging occurrence.  Why would they do this?  What do they gain from possessing and manipulating some poor soul?  Power.  Demons want to be in control just as Satan wants to be in control.  Remember, they are restrained by God, and this means they no longer have access to the full spiritual might they once wielded.

Demons restrained?

We have referred to these demons as being "restrained" several times now.  What exactly does that mean?  How does it affect their knowledge, their living conditions and even their desires?  More importantly, what does it mean for humanity?  Check out our October 22, 2018 podcast, “How Do Demons Influence Our World?” for the details.  The Bible gives us a surprisingly candid picture of this whole demon dilemma, and we take it apart and see what it all means.

This is not merely a fascinating review of supernatural power, it is a stern warning as well.  Demonic power never has been something to trifle with.  Many of us, because of the curiosity factor, walk further down the road of demon discovery than we ever should.  Please don’t be that person.  Learn what the Bible has to teach us so you can have a healthy fear and respect for the dark powers of this world. Learn so you know how to stay away!


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