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October 29, 2018

Ep.1045: Can Zombies Possibly Be Real?

Halloween, Zombies and the undead compared

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What do the origins of Halloween have to do with zombies?

How did Satan lie while speaking the truth?

Is death an altered state?

What does the New Testament teach us about death?

Theme Scripture: Genesis 3:4

October brings Autumn and Autumn brings a major change of seasons. Leaves brilliantly change color as they die, the harvesting of crops comes to its end and the colder weather sets in. It is at this time of nature “closing up shop,” this time of things dying, that Halloween and all that comes with it is celebrated. It’s funny, the origins of Halloween were based in serious concerns about the spirit world, and now it is all about fun, candy and parties. Some of the season’s most successful phenoms are zombies. Yup, Zombies. Zombies are supposed to be the undead. They terrorize the world around them with their hideous appetite and their contagiousness. What's the deal with these guys? Is there any possibility they could be real? Where has our fascination with the whole zombie thing brought us? Does the basic idea of the “undead” even fit in with biblical teaching?

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The first thing to know about zombies is that they have their basis in some very ancient Sumerian writings.  The poem The Epic of Gilgamesh featured men being summoned from their graves and eating the living.  Kinda gross but very historical.  Now, just because something was written long ago does not mean it was real, and this story is credited with being one of the world’s earliest known pieces of literature.  All of that being said, even though the idea of zombies is based in fiction it has garnered much interest and support.  Haitian witchcraft-based Voodoo unquestionably states that zombies are very real, though their interpretation of how they act is far from the Hollywood renderings we have become so accustomed to.

The big question is “Can zombies actually be real?”  Can they, as the undead, literally walk the earth, beholden to some master of darkness as mindless slaves terrorizing others as they do their master’s bidding?  Haitian Voodoo aside, to get to the core of this question we as Christians must look deeply into what the Bible says (or doesn’t say) about such things.  The Bible explains much – not about zombies but about the conditions under which “the undead” can exist – or absolutely cannot exist.  According to Scripture, it cannot be both ways.

The other factors in our zombie research have much to do with Halloween and its origin.  While this may sound corny, it is really serious business as we find the whole being afraid of haunting spirits in the dark founded in another ancient culture – this time from the Celts.  The really fascinating thing is that (according to Celtic tradition) the conditions of Halloween night were described in an eerily similar way that existence of zombies has continually been described.

Check out our October 29, 2018 podcast, “Can Zombies Possibly Be Real?” and put the pieces together for yourself.  We follow history and tradition, pinpoint the similarities from different cultures and times, and then compare it all with the unerring word of God.  The result is a resounding answer that clearly states the unequivocal truth about zombies, the undead, ghosts and disembodied spirits. You really need to hear this!


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