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Ep.811: What About Divorce?

Christian principles on the application of divorce

What About Divorce?

Theme Scripture: Genesis 2:24

Special Guest: David Stein

As Christians, we all have a sense of the sanctity of marriage. We all know that it is supposed to be ‘til death do us part, yet we also experience about as high a rate of divorce as the rest of our society. Does Jesus give us solid guidelines for marriage and divorce? Should Christians be involved in “no fault” divorces? Do you really have to stay married even if you are not happy? The "D" word is rough on everyone - the husband and wife, the kids, the families, friends and even the pets. Yet it is so common it almost seems like people go into marriage thinking "Eh, if it doesn't work out, I can just walk away." Does the Bible treat it so lightly? Is getting divorced a sin? Is remarriage a sin? Stay with us as we look into this difficult, sensitive and very relevant matter!

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