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VIDEO: What Is the Fruit of the Spirit?

Fruit of the Spirit are good qualities a Christian spends a lifetime developing. If we try our best to be loving and kind with our thoughts, words, and actions toward others, God will be pleased, and these positive qualities can begin to develop in us. To learn more about these good qualities, have your young ones watch this short animated video.

What Makes a Person “Good?”

People say it all the time: ʺYeah, I know him; he’s a good person.ʺ A good person – what does that mean? Good at what? Good for what? Good as opposed to what? So, what makes a person good? Does one have to be religious or conservative or liberal to be good? Does one have to be honest? How about educated? Can you have a big ego and be a good person? Stay with us as we take some time and look into this seemingly over simplified topic– goodness in people. What makes it so?