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Ep.1052: Is it God’s Fault We Have Evil in This World?

Determining God’s accountability for evil, eternity and His creation

Is it God’s Fault We Have Evil in This World?

Theme Scripture: Isaiah 45:7


Every Christian acknowledges the evil that permeates our world, though explaining its depth and purpose can be challenging. We always say it is a result of sin and Satan – and that’s true. The harder question most don’t ask or want to ask is whether or not God is responsible for evil. If He is the Almighty and far above all He created, then surely He must bear a generous amount of accountability for what we see around us. We believe God is powerful enough to stop it and chooses not to, so by definition He must own some blame for all that evil produces. As a Christian, (and this may be a surprise to some) I do believe that God is accountable for evil. However, if we are going down THAT road, then there are other roads of accountability justice requires we go down as well, because it would be unfair to only tell half the story!

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So, let’s get this straight.  I am unequivocally telling you that God IS accountable for the evil in this world – BUT – I am also saying that walking away from this message with that conclusion is utterly wrong!  Why?  Because you would be walking away with less than half the truth on the matter.  For those of us who want to condemn God, I am sure my previous statement of His accountability is exactly what you are looking for, as it verifies your own thoughts. For those of us who are looking for the whole story, this statement of accountability is merely an introduction that needs serious development.

To me, blaming God for the sorrow and death in this world is like blaming a dad for the misery of his teenage children.  The sulking and lashing out that comes from, “You never let us do anything” and “All the other dads are nice to their kids!” actually has a basis in truth!  I know this for a fact because I was that dad.  I also know that once those teenagers grew up, they not only appreciated the firm hand of guidance in their teen years, they now freely ask for input regarding the raising of their own kids.  My point is that God DOES have a plan and this present day of evil is the part that is like dealing with angry teenagers.  Don’t judge God until you see what His plan is and what His results will bring!

Check out our December 17, 2018 podcast, “Is it God’s Fault We Have Evil in This World?” to broaden these points.  We steer directly into the headwinds of the hard questions dealing with the unfairness of most people’s lives and the seeming silence of God as this world spins out of control.  We trace God’s plan, His justice and His coming mercy that involves every human life ever lived.  What we find is not only sensible, it is powerful as well.  God really does have this in hand and seeing how can change the way we see everything!


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