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VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Condemned to Death, How Did Jesus Love His Enemies?

Loving your enemies is to want good and not harm to come to them. Jesus mapped this out for us, especially in the last days of his life before his crucifixion. Jesus not only taught us in detail how to love our enemies, he showed us in living color how to profoundly care for them. He literally "walked the walk" – all the way to Calvary. As we look back upon the death and resurrection of Jesus, we will see how he was the instruction manual for loving your enemies. How did Jesus show devotion to those who were devious and hostile, attachment to those who antagonized him and affection for those who became his adversaries? For an in depth bible study listen to our inspiring podcast of the same name.

Why Do Some Think God is a Monster?

What would you think of a powerful leader who sanctions rape, pillaging, the destruction of thousands of lives for the wrong doings of one, racism and genocide? No matter who we are, if we have a conscience in any way tuned to the sanctity of human life, we would have to label them a monster – a maniacal psychopathic egotist. Sadly, there are many who read certain parts of the Bible and handily conclude that the God of the Bible – the Creator of all things - is such a being. They call Him out for the horrible and harsh things written in the Old Testament and boldly claim that a God who presides over those things is no god at all – He is instead a monster. Now look – there are terrible things written in the Old Testament, but do they point to a heartless dictator or is there another explanation?

Is God Biased? (Part II)

Last week we began to look into whether or not God is biased. The working definition we used was, “An inclination that prevents an unprejudiced consideration of a matter.” Why is this question an important enough matter to continue with this week? Think about it – if God were to be biased, then by definition he would be making His judgments and decisions based on a prejudiced perspective. Would you trust a God whose basis of operation was not squarely built upon justice, wisdom and love? Stay with us as we continue our examination of what the Bible tells us about the character of God – this time focusing on the New Testament and the eternal reasons that God has for allowing our race to go through such difficulties.

Is God Biased? (Part I)

Have you ever been in a situation, perhaps as a kid where you observed someone getting special treatment? Maybe it was that kid in school who seemed to get extra privileges or your brother or sister being treated differently than you? Remember how that made you kind of mad? Remember when you got some special treatment but that was different because YOU deserved it! Have you ever observed prejudice in action? We live in a time of excessive sensitivity to these things. When we look at the Almighty God, do we see any of these things? Do we see Him playing favorites? Treating one people differently from another people? Stay with us as we dive right into this question and seek to understand what and why God chooses whom He does. Is God biased?