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Ep.607: Is God Biased? (Part I)

Examining God’s “favoritism” in the Old Testament

Is God Biased? (Part I)

Theme Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9


Have you ever been in a situation, perhaps as a kid where you observed someone getting special treatment? Maybe it was that kid in school who seemed to get extra privileges or your brother or sister being treated differently than you? Remember how that made you kind of mad? Remember when you got some special treatment but that was different because YOU deserved it! Have you ever observed prejudice in action? We live in a time of excessive sensitivity to these things. When we look at the Almighty God, do we see Him playing favorites, treating one people differently from another people? Stay with us as we dive right into this question and seek to understand what and why God chooses whom He does. Is God biased?

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