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August 02, 2021

Ep.1189: What Is My Battle Plan to Defend Against Satan’s Attacks?

Preparing for Satan’s onslaughts as we live everyday life

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What can we learn from the brutal sieges of ancient warfare?

How did one unnamed woman disarm a monstrous siege?

How do we protect against Satan laying siege to our own minds and breaking through our godly defenses?

Theme Scripture: 2 Samuel 20:15

As Christians, we are constantly faced with the challenge of doing the right thing in a sinful world. We are bombarded with input and suggestions that can easily cloud the simplicity of what the right thing is. Once we get the right thing in focus, the next challenge is to do that right thing the right way. Often, the right way is NOT our natural or preferred approach. The problem? Our handling of what is right in God’s eyes is ALWAYS subject to Satan’s attacks. These attacks can come from external forces, but often his most destructive attacks come from our own fallen thinking and desires. Essentially, Satan can effectively lay siege to our spiritual lives by opening doors to try and accomplish spiritually right things in a humanly sinful way. We need a battle plan to defend against Satan!

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Beware the siege!

In the ancient days of Scripture, laying siege to a city was a long-term conquering strategy against those who lived inside the city walls. This was a loathsome way to be attacked, as it induced isolation and fear. Starvation and loss of life were also expected outcomes from a siege, and not just for those inside the walls. Add in the ramps, tunnels and catapults and you have the makings of what could be a years-long military entanglement. None of this was good.

In an obscure Old Testament account, the peaceful and faithful Jewish city of Abel was besieged by Joab, commander of King David’s own army. The king commanded him to chase down a treasonous man who ended up hiding in the city of Abel. This ill-advised siege was set to produce untold damage destruction and death upon countless innocent people. Had it not been for an unnamed and wise woman stepping in, this story would have ended in tragedy. So, what does all of this have to do with defending against Satan’s attacks? Plenty!

Check out our August 2, 2021 podcast, “What’s My Battle Plan to Defend Against Satan’s Attacks?” for details. We look at this amazing true story and put its profound lessons into an allegory format. What if the main characters and the city in this account could represent our own personal struggles to be faithful to our Christian calling? What if there was a message here for us regarding the quiet yet potent power of God’s spirit in our lives?

Beware attacks from  Satan!

As Christians, we are always striving to be on the side of righteousness in God’s service. While the desire to serve and protect our spiritual calling is vital, it is even more vital to observe how we do this. We often talk about the importance of doing the right things. Unfortunately, we less often focus on doing those right things the right way. Satan is a formidable foe and he WILL use our own self-will and ego to undermine our focus on living a sacrificial Christian life. Join us for this unique story and learn to defend against pursuing God’s will our own way.



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